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  1. My parity is Seagate Exo and other are Iron Wolf Pros. So the speed didn't seem fishy to me.
  2. Why would it be impossible? 219MB/s for parity check after the parity swap?
  3. Yes, I did parity check after. Thats the one on 31.3. on the first screenshot.
  4. It finished this time with 0 errors.
  5. Ok, I will start another parity check and will post result. Thank you for your reply. Kind regards.
  6. Hello. I'm on 6.9.2. There has been an power outage, I did two parity checks after it and the same number of errors show up. Parity was full and correct before. Write corrections was enabled both times. Don't know about the first time, but during the second time I saw "Writing corrections to parity". After the first parity check I tested all docker containers and they all started up correctly and seemed like no data loss. But I have 17.8TB of data so I can't manually check all of it. Smart data doesn't show any errors. isuserver-diagnostics-20210