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  1. What are the disadvantages of storing VMs & Dockers in unassigned drives?
  2. I will start with 3700x {3900x is closed to RM1000 more) and move up to 3900x when the price become more affortable. Do you know of any X470 motherboard that support 2 NIC onboard? Have you done USB passthrough?
  3. Hi All, I am new to unRAID and plan to setup an unRAID server. The server shall serve the following functions: 1) Desktop replacement (currently using Intel NUC7 with 16GB, 256GB SSD & 2TB HDD) 2) VM host to run multiple Windows 10 (4-8GB RAM each) 3) Docker (vpn, firewall, etc) 4) One/two of the Windows 10 VM may need GPU and Sound passthrough for game and watching movies I have been recommened to use either X570 AORUS MASTER or Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming with Ryzern 7 3700X processor with 32GB non-ECC RAM. Does both support HVM and IOMMU? Which will