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  1. What are the disadvantages of storing VMs & Dockers in unassigned drives?
  2. I will start with 3700x {3900x is closed to RM1000 more) and move up to 3900x when the price become more affortable. Do you know of any X470 motherboard that support 2 NIC onboard? Have you done USB passthrough?
  3. Hi All, I am new to unRAID and plan to setup an unRAID server. The server shall serve the following functions: 1) Desktop replacement (currently using Intel NUC7 with 16GB, 256GB SSD & 2TB HDD) 2) VM host to run multiple Windows 10 (4-8GB RAM each) 3) Docker (vpn, firewall, etc) 4) One/two of the Windows 10 VM may need GPU and Sound passthrough for game and watching movies I have been recommened to use either X570 AORUS MASTER or Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming with Ryzern 7 3700X processor with 32GB non-ECC RAM. Does both support HVM and IOMMU? Which will be better? What GPU do you recommend? Do you need dual LAN if other PCs use VPN docker setup in UNRAID? As for storage, I will be using 1x4TB & 4x3TB HDD. What other component(s) do I need? Thank you!