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  1. I haven't tried but shouldn't it be possible to use the mover to avoid doing a complete wipe? Something like this: change share setting --> move files to array --> take the array offline --> reformat cache --> change share setting --> move files back to cache
  2. Thank you! Now I have my VM-tab back.
  3. I ran into the problems with all VM's gone on the VM-tab, but I can still se and edit them on the dashboard, all but one, when I try to edit my mac-os VM the edit-page is just blank. I can not remove the VM either, wich I could with some of the others. I ran the update- chech before I updated and it said I had one incompatible plugin gpu-statistic, wich I then removed before update. What would be my next step to getting my VM-tab back? unraid-diagnostics-20230322-0535.zip
  4. Hi! Is it possible to change the flashdrive while the server is online? Just got a dreadded message that a key is missing and that the flash-drive probably are corrupt, but the array and everything is working as is should for now. So is there a way to change the flash-drive while the system still is "live"?
  5. No that diagnostics was the second thing I did with the server after the reboot. (the first thing was to start the VM "Daily-driver", via my mobile phone, wich is my "daily-use-computer")
  6. Yes, I was aware of this and was thinking of mentioning it, I just hadn't rebooted due to an ongoing parity-check. The parity-check was on 96% or something like that so I "forced" it, and I have now rebooted. Guess what.... It now works to create the diagnostics via the "Tools". EDIT: I would like to give a big thanks to you guys, this community is amazing!! unraid-diagnostics-20220727-2024.zip
  7. Via the web-terminal it creates a diagnostics-file, but if I use the the "tool" it doen't create a file. The file ending in 35 is the one created via web-terminal, the one ending in 41 just doesn't get created. unraid-diagnostics-20220727-1935.zip
  8. Now I'm able to login. So that looks OK, but I still cannot create a diagnostics... Though that might be anothr matter.
  9. [email protected]:~# /etc/rc.d/rc.unraid-api install API has been running for 1s and is in "production" mode! -----UNRAID-API-REPORT-----> SERVER_NAME: Unraid ENVIRONMENT: production UNRAID_VERSION: 6.10.3 UNRAID_API_VERSION: 2.49.2 (running) NODE_VERSION: v14.15.3 API_KEY: invalid MY_SERVERS: signed out CLOUD: API key is missing RELAY: disconnected MINI-GRAPH: disconnected ONLINE_SERVERS: Unraid OFFLINE_SERVERS: HAS_CRASH_LOGS: no </----UNRAID-API-REPORT----->
  10. [email protected]:~# ls -al /usr/local/sbin/unraid-api lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 36 Jul 27 18:31 /usr/local/sbin/unraid-api -> /usr/local/bin/unraid-api/unraid-api [email protected]:~# ls -al /usr/local/bin/unraid-api/ /bin/ls: cannot access '/usr/local/bin/unraid-api/': No such file or directory
  11. Well it says the same for me, but if you check the logs I attached you can see that the installation was completed.
  12. [email protected]:~# unraid-api report -v bash: unraid-api: command not found [email protected]:~# php /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/UpdateDNS.php -v (Output is anonymized, use '-vv' to see full details) Unraid OS 6.10.3 with My Servers plugin version 2022.07.26.1609 ⚠️ Not signed in to Unraid.net Use SSL is auto ✅ Rebind protection is disabled for myunraid.net Response (HTTP 406): null Error: Nothing to do And I can't sign in to unraid.net, it just never gets to any login page....
  13. Hope this helps. EDIT: The image is taken after uninstall/reinstall. Install log.txt Uninstall log.txt
  14. Same for me. + I can't create a diagnostics to attach to this post, it just says "Downloading" but nothing happens and this file - "/logs/unraid-diagnostics-20220727-1817.zip" does not exist on the flash.
  15. No, when you put it like that it seems I'm wrong. I was looking at wich cards where supported in the latest driver (as it is a rather new feature) and the 760 was missing out, so I assumed it was an older GPU, but my assumption was wrong. however there's also this: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-end-support-kepler-gpu-windows7-windows-8-august-31 and the article about VM-support is dated 29-09-2021. Grey area perhaps?