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  1. Hello, I made this post a few days ago: At the time I did not identify the problem clearly but as someone helped me in the other post and after some more research I found out the exact problem: my VM disk is mounted as readonly: Maybe it is due to this mount option (from /var/log/messages) EXT4-fs (vda2): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro but then I can't find the error causing this. There is a link to some system logs in the other post; this is all the info I checked and i don't know where to look at now. Can anyone give me some direction to look into this problem ?
  2. Ok, thank you. In addition i can say that since aproximately the same moment my VM start acting weird my windows PC (non VM; actual PC) have trouble connecting to the array via the windows network explorer; I have to explicitly mount every share as an network drive. I have seen people say it's due to Win 10 network explorer being garbage but i had no problem for over 6 month prior to that.
  3. Yes of course, here it is unraid-diagnostics-20201018-1438.zip
  4. Hello all, today after a reboot my debian VM had some weird behaviour after looking into it it appears even as root i cannot touch a file in /. `touch: cannot touch '/test': Read-only file system` I created a new VM and after trying to reinstall my services, I ended up with the same error; I don't know if I have a problem with my array or if I'm doing something wrong while installing my services. Here is the install script for those services in case it can help. Also here the systemctl output on the VM What I have tried so far: - Rebooting the VM and the UNRAID - Starting the array in maintenance mode to check my drives; nothing look wrong. Here are one of the output (all almost the same) - Checked the forum for same problem but without much success I'm lost and don't know what to look for now. Could anyone give me so directions to look into ?
  5. I have a share meant to hold all my media; all media are write to it by a linux VM (GUID 1006). I'd like to be able to delete those file via my wondows SMB but windows don't own the file and can't delete it. How can I bypass this ?
  6. I'm a new trial user trying to setup a gaming VM on my unraid server. I got everything working throught VNC thanks to spaceinvader one's videos on YT. But even while following his tutorials about GPU passthrough i can't have windows booting. I tried: * with and without a primary card as VNC * with and without a rom bios file from the internet * with and without a rom bios file that I dumped using is explanation in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM7ntkiUoPk&t=324s * editing the xml to have the video and souncard as a PCIE multi function device as explain in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlTVANDndpM Every time I boot with a GPU other than VNC, windows won't boot, it get stucked on the black screen with a small loader; the loader spin until it stopped and nothing happens until I force stop the VM. After that if i reboot windows with VNC activated only, it try to repair itself with no success; but if i reboot again with same settings it's working. I have no error in the UNRAID VM logs. It's been 2 days and I'm really out of solutions; what else can i try ? EDIT: I have a persona rule that state that every time i have an IT probleme, i try for few days then ask for help; and that rule also state that when you ask for help, by providing all the details, you'll stumble on a piece of informations you missed. This solved me a lot of programing error and today I found that I missed the 'Q35' reference in the post bellow. So i fixed it 30 seconds after i made this post. Hope it can help someone as dumbass as me and found this thread on google.