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  1. I think what I need to do next is figure out how to setup custom ips for some of my dockers. Off to do some reading! Thanks!
  2. Sorry I think I removed some of the text I had in there. I've set everything back to the default gateway (normal web / not VPN) I can access via my phone.
  3. Well I like to bury these issues! I was going to say I didn't think it worked but I think it took a little while for things to update. Works like a charm now. Thank you and sorry about that.
  4. @ljm42 Tried turning it off and on again 😆 that didn't work Check fails as you expected. Ping: yes this matches (i made sure that I put my laptop on the same gateway)
  5. Sure thing What works and what doesn't? * Local access to the webgui via https://hash.unraid.net:4443 ? * Nextcloud via nextcloud.mysite.etc ? * Remote Access to the webgui via https://www.hash.unraid.net:[WAN PORT] ? Local access works fine at https://hash.unraid.net:4443/dasboard Nextcloud all fine No remote access, tried on phone on 4G, same result.
  6. So.... I made everything 4443. Both options in management access and the port forward is 4443 to 4443. The port is open, checked. Still no joy. Just says "took too long to respond."
  7. Ok, I think I do have a conflict on 443. I left everything overnight to ensure what I had working was working correctly (lots of test yesterday and it was late). When I turned the Port Forward back on for My Server on 443 I could no longer access my nextcloud, turned that rule off and it works again.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is the url for the screen shots https://PERSONALHASH.unraid.net/Dashboard If I type in the IP address of my server, this is where it sends me, note the missing port number. Nextcloud is working perfectly and I am accessing it using its Web Address (ie. nextcloud.mysite.etc) Sorry, What I mean is that I use 2 gateways on my network. I've set the default as the VPN Gateway and have rules setup that things like my desktop and laptop get routed directly to the WAN Gateway. It allows me to run NordVPN on those mach
  9. That being said. Do I have a conflict here? Nexcloud also uses these ports and was it just luck that it was working yesterday? I'm no expert in Networking, learning as I go.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or an issue on my side. Yesterday this all worked fine for me but today not so. Only change on my network was an update to my Pfsense but this was to fix the broken routing issues on the current release. I can confirm that other forwarded ports (ie Nextcloud) work just fine but My Servers wont. It is showing as Online in Myservers with Remote Access shown in green but will not connect. Checking the port from the settings page in unraid also shows that is isn't reachable. Any ideas? My server sits beh
  11. that was it! I didn't quite realize where I needed to add that custom option but I go there in the end. Fingers crossed thats it now
  12. ok that makes sense. I tried adding the domain in pfsense but it didn't seem to take. Disabling rebinding fixed the issue but that isn't a solution of course. Saying that, I did re-enable the dns rebinding and i could still access the page. Not sure if I was too quick to try accessing the page again or something else. I will keep playing with this throughout the day but at least I now know where the issue is! Thanks for the help
  13. Even a reset to factory defaults of pfsense hasn't fixed it so I'm thinking it must be something on the Unraid machine itself.