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  1. Oh god thank you. I had the same problem. Tried everything and this finally fixed it. No idea what caused it, it worked yesterday then didn't today. Phew.
  2. Could you point me in the direction I need to go? I get what your trying to say and where to go to add this, but I don't know what I should be typing. I've done searching but the info comes back as permissions for shares and not inside the app data folder. I have read/write permission as far as this location; Y:\appdata\nextcloud\www If I try to make any modifications in; Y:\appdata\nextcloud\www\nextcloud This is where I lose the permission.
  3. How do I do that? As far as i can tell I am set to be able to do so in unraid? [rootshare] path = /mnt/user comment = browseable = yes valid users = **** write list = **** vfs objects =
  4. Rightly or wrongly I decided to re-do my install now that it works on the proper mariaDB. That's all installed fine. My issue is I can't amend the config file. I have rootshare and I can write to the base of the drive but, when I drill down to the config locations for next cloud I lose write permissions. I have no idea why and Windows can't update the permissions to allow me to. What have I done wrong?
  5. Hi, I'm not having a lot of luck with this. I've followed the guide but when I drill down into the folders I lose the permission to write. At the root level I can add a file for instance but when trying to edit the nextcloud config I'm denied.
  6. So next problem - though I don't think this is an issue with Nextcloud.... I can't set up my Gmail for IMAP, just get an error saying it couldn't be authorised.
  7. @Jessie Hmm, This PC is wired and fast for everything else. Now that you mention it I think I did see something in the logs about just that! I'll leave it for a while and see if it sorts itself out EDIT: So I took a look in the logs. Login failed: 'Dave' (Remote IP: 'My Router IP Address') There is a lot of that......
  8. Ok, I will get around to that. I did see there is a command I can use to transfer.
  9. Hi @Jessie So, if I use any other PC in my house it loads fine. It just seems to be this one PC in any browser. I use chrome but I have Internet Explorer on here for Legacy site (I need it for work) and also tried edge. All the same result.
  10. Ok so regarding the slow loading of my login page. If I try to do it off my network, say my parents or my phone on mobile it loads instantly. If I use my PC on the same network as my Nextcloud server it never loads properly. Not a big problem as I can access across my LAN, but not helpful for testing. Any ideas what I've done? I just get greeted with this
  11. EDIT, OK fixed some issues with permissins in my root share and I've finally got there... but... its very slow over the web access. It loads the login page but never the login boxes and takes several minutes to get that far. Within my network its fast. No other user are on my server and the load is <5% on the CPU and <10% on RAM. I did however set it up with the My SQL database as I am the only planned user. Would this be causing this slow performance?
  12. Hi yes thats the guide I followed. I've managed to trace down some of my issues to my BT router which just wouldn't port forward. I've now replaced that with a Asus one and things are working better. I'm just a bit stuck now as my DDNS is taking me to my router login and not my Nextclould install. PS. Sorry for the late replay, I didn't get an email about it. PPS, So I'm most of the way there now but when I connect to NextCloud through the URL I get a page is being built message.
  13. Can anyone help me with this? As far as I know I'm setup correctly. I have my own domain that point to duckdns which points to my IP. As far is I understand that is the correct procedure. I'm getting all sorts of different errors from, "invalid response" to "took too long to respond" and "refused to connect" Port Forwarding is setup. I'm really lost as to why it isn't working. It is not possible for me to try the cloudflare option as my domain holder does not permit that changing of Name Servers.
  14. Hi, Great work, could you do a node 304?
  15. So I tried in a different browser and get the same result. It seems to be a security issue. Edge says: Cannot securely connect to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner. Chrome says: This site can’t provide a secure connection [domain removed] sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR I'm using LetsEncrypt and it ran through and said "server ok" though that's the best I've gotten so far, for days it kept returning an error, but that may be down the the domain taking a while to go live. I've done a lot of searching on the net about this issue but can't seem to find an answer, or one that I understand... As far as I can tell the correct ports are open and this error would suggest to me that it's reaching my server but can't validate it.