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  1. Thanks for this. However, I ended up with a too many redirects error so I'm stuck again
  2. No, nothing like that. As said I got it sorted now. I think something went wrong in the settings in an update maybe (either on my router or in unraid). I went through the setup from the start, turned some things off and back on again and now it's all up and working as expected.
  3. Working now. Not entirely sure what the issue was, but I just went through the setup again.
  4. Hi, I'm having some issues getting onlyoffice server to work. At first, I was getting 400 errors but using version 6.0 has solved this. However, when I then try to link to it in nextcloud I get an unsupported version error? Error when trying to connect (Not supported version) (version How do I solve this?
  5. Hi, I'm getting this 400 error. How to I change from the latest branch to ver 6? Solved (hopefully), needed to change the repository to "onlyoffice/documentserver:6.0"
  6. Yes, I was checking from the office in work and not at home. I will take a look at that this evening, thanks.
  7. Hi all, I'm not sure what changed or when, but when I try to use My Servers I only get an option for local access. I'm not able to access it remotely from outside the network but it is showing as online etc. As far as I'm aware things are setup correctly as it did work correctly in the past. Any ideas what I can check to fix this?
  8. Thank you! I will check that out this evening.
  9. Hi all, Need some help with my binhex-plex install. First up, inside my network it all work perfectly, the issue comes when I try to access it from outside. I have opened up the port in pfsense but I keep getting the same issue; Plex will say it is reachable outside of the network for about 5 seconds then go back to unreachable. I've not really been able to find anything that quite describes my issue so I'm at a bit of a loss. Everytime I hit retry I get the same thing. All ok for about 5 seconds then no access. Sometimes despite it saying no access you can still use it for a while... As far as I am aware it is all installed correctly, the docker is setup in host mode which I am lead to believe is ok for this. Let me know if there are any logs etc that can help as I'm not sure where to go with this.
  10. Hi all, I'm having a horrid time trying to upgrade to 23.0.1 I keep on getting 504 Gateway errors when the update is trying to progress. Happens on Step 3 (creating the backup) but eventually will progress. Happens on Step 5 (Downloading) I had to download the zip and place in the updater folder to work around this. Downloading Parsing response failed. Show detailed response <html> <head><title>504 Gateway Time-out</title></head> <body> <center><h1>504 Gateway Time-out</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx/1.20.2</center> </body> </html> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> However, if I F5 the page, it then carries on like all was ok. Happens on Step 7 (Extracting) and that causes it all to fail and resets the update back to the start. I've seen some stuff about trying to make sure the write permissions are correct by running sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /mnt/nextcloud but this just gives me an error of "invalid user www-data" which I understand should not be the case? I'm at a bit of a loss and reached the limit of my knowledge here with linux / unraid etc. Looking into things, I think it might be working but the connection is being timed out. It just failed again on extracting but refreshing the page gave me "Step 6 is currently in process. Please reload this page later." I've read somewhere that you can increase the default timeouts for this. But I don't know where or how. EDIT: Ok, I can confirm that my update does work but all the issues are being caused by 504 timeouts.
  11. My apologies', I had made a change that affected the PC keeping the IP address up to date with NoIP. My own fault, just happened at a similar time to the update to SWAG. Put 2 and 2 together and got 5. Hands up, I was wrong! All working now.
  12. Oh i see. When you mentioned that before, I thought that was just about not being able to get the diagnostics but I guess its all related? No worries, I'll just wait for the next update. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Any thoughts on this?
  14. townshend-hub-diagnostics-20211004-1556.zip Here we go.
  15. Ah ok, yes. I leave my dashboard open all the time in a tab for ease. I'll reboot now and get the diagnostics.
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