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  1. Crashed again today. on July 27, I followed the third option: "Keep docker containers in host or bridge mode which use the server IP address and ports as needed" I changed all dockers to host or bridge mode. Turned off "AdGuard" because it cannot run under host or bridge mode and disabled auto start. My unraid ran for a week and crashed again (same symptom, no response) last night. I attached the syslog. Please start from July 27, the day that I rebooted and made the change. syslog_20210803.txt
  2. Thank you very much. I also just attached syslog in my last reply. Could you help to take a look?
  3. After a few days of running pretty stable. This morning. It froze again. This time there is video display (probably in the video buffer) right before it froze. syslog_0726_1045.txt
  4. Yes after the crash. The syslog of the before crash (original problem) couldn't be found after the third crash despite I already enabled mirror syslog before that (after first crash).
  5. I did that when 2nd time happened. I have seen the syslog under /boot/logs/syslog once, which contained logs from Jul 12. This time, before hard shut down, I pulled my data HDD out while they were spun own (I felt them, no spin vibration) in an attempt to prevent parity check again. I then hard shut down and put the HDD back in and boot it up again. Now I got error saying that my flash drive is not read/write. I guess it might have a temporary lock up due to hard shut down or huge file copy from /var/log/syslog. The UNRAID web UI and SMB service all seem to b
  6. Hi UNRAID community, Setup I don't have GPU passthrough. I have plex docker with standard intel iGPU hardware transcoding setting (like modprobe i915). Once array and plex docker is running, at least for a couple hours, there is video out for UNRAID command line and response to keyboard input. I have plugin a Mellanox MCX311a to UNRAID made it to be primary in bond and On board 1G to be secondary in active backup config. Current switch is Netgear MX510TX 10G/multigig switch (I returned Mikrotik CRS305) These have been stable and I got full speed to 2
  7. That I don't know. My unraid is under-powered old 4-core i5, not that useful for plotting. I ran Mint20 (Ubuntu) and windows as plotter. That way I can use swar plot manager (or plotman).
  8. This could be why it broke my previous settings. I didn't recall that I updated the docker today (but maybe UNRAID auto updated it). Mine is also "up to date" version 1.1.7.dev0
  9. Took me an hour and got it working. I would suggest to put it in the docker template. Looking at here The docker needs a variable called ca So I added a variable for the docker (called Key below) called ca to add: press "Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device" Config Type:Variable Name:ca Key:ca Value:/config/ssl/ca/ Make sure you also put these in (which should not be needed according to config.yaml
  10. Hello, Thank you for this awesome docker template. I got the harvester only working for a day and it was connecting to the main full node ok (can see passing filter). My initial setting was: harvester only = true farmer_address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX farmer_port: 8447 I had to put farmer address in here, otherwise docker will fail to start, which should not be necessary. I believe the value here changes the "full node -> farmer_peer" section, which is not needed according to
  11. UPDATE: borrowed some hardware so I can do more isolated test. First I took UNRAID out of equation. PC2: I borrowed a buddy's i5-7500 and B150M motherboard. 10G NIC is plugged in slot 1 x16. PC1: (ASUS B550 Intel I225V 2.5G), TX/RX buffer = 1024, flow control enabled. Server2: OMV, RTL8125 2.5G NIC, just uses putty to SSH. Treat it as just a Linux. Adapter settings: see detail at the end All default, MTU 1500. iperf3 host Server2 (RTL8125) to client PC1 (Intel I225V) 283 MBytes/sec, no Retr displaye
  12. I will test that. Also test on a different MB and report back.
  13. "from PC-2.5G NIC to another server with 2.5G NIC" this was tested on 10G switch with two RJ45-SFP+ adapter. The adapter has auto negotiation and can work at 1/2.5/5/10G. Also PC and server have default 1500MTU, no jumbo frame.
  14. Router: EdgeRouter X Switch 1 (10G): MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN, Switch 2: NetGear GS305 PC - Switch1: 2.5G RJ45 - SFP+ adapter, CAT6 cable UNRAID - Switch 1: 10G Tek DAC cable I currently don't have extra DAC cable to try PC MB: ASUS B550i On Board NIC: Intel I225-V UNRAID Recently migrated from a old DELL Optiplex 3010 (with default NIC offloading and flow setting, i.e. ON). It has no problem to reach sustained 110MB/s. MB: HP Z240 (C236 chipset) Bond0 (fail-over) eth0 - 10G NIC: Mellanox MCX-311