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  1. This allows both dockers to have the same ports, but show up as separate IP devices on your network
  2. I would try to give each instance their own IP on your network using br0, see if that changes anything
  3. Are they all using the same appdata folder?
  4. I was hoping to download ROMs direct to my windows machine with the VPN connection through the docker. It downloads super fast, I just cannot seed active. Moving the files over afterwards is just a PITA. Windows is where I keep the ROMs, Unraid is all media. Thank you though, if it's not possible, it's not possible.
  5. I can't seem to get active connections hooking qbittorrent to this docker from a windows client through SOCKS5. Is there something I need to do to get his to work? I can download, I am just not connectable to peers
  6. Got the new drive, starting the rebuild now. See you in about 25 hours...
  7. When it hit 10 is when it dropped out of the array, every time it increased I tried new cable and new port. Went to 6, new cable, 9, new port, 10, dropped out of array with 300 disk read errors. I am packing it up and heading for BB now
  8. Well this is the 3rd increment of UDMA error, 2 cables and 2 ports. I really don't want to waste time on a rebuild or recopy files a third time if it is the drive
  9. OK, looking at the SMART, I see UMDA error went from 6 to 9, to 10, I replaced the SATA cable on this drive before when I had a problem, and it has continued to increase. I am going to take the drive back to BB tomorrow morning. I am not going to rebuild back to it with confirmed smart errors. Would you agree with this assessment?
  10. Stopped the array and my dockers to add a UPS, shutdown, and when I restarted, the newest drive was disabled. It says array started, unprotected. Please help me....
  11. does it look like it can be recovered?