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  1. No just trying to boot the real hardware without VM to find out a way to boost GPU performance.
  2. Don't worry But since you said that you have a 2700x I think I cannot boot with the "old gen" patches with a 3950X
  3. I want to try a "real" boot, as I said in the post I've quoted... so I suppose that 15/16th patches cannot boot 3xxx series Ryzens. For the virtual one I'll try as soon I'll change my mainboard
  4. I cannot boot my Ryzen 3950X with 15-16th patches and OC 0.5.7, this is my EFI folder, it boots instead with the same config but the 17th patches can you post yours so I can correct mine?
  5. Hi everybody, do the 15/16th patches work with OpenCore and a 17th gen cpu?