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  1. You good sir are MAGNIFICENT! Replaced the bz* files and it booted straight in. Still confused what caused this issue but thank you so much. 😁
  2. Server Unraid version 6.9.2 since release with Pro license CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900x GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 Memory: 64GB 3200MHz DDR4 USB Key: Kingston 16gb USB 2.0 2x SilverStone ECS02 LSI 9211-8i SAS/SATA various plugins loaded including dynamix. Problem After restarting my server to troubleshoot my vpn docker container, it failed to boot. It displays the error "Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block..." The full error is in the attached picture. No hardware changes have occured in 6+ months. I havent had an issue rebooting in the past. Diagnostic zip file from immediatly before the error is attached. My last USB backup is 6months old from when I upgraded from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2, so I would prefer not to use that if possible. I have created a backup of the current USB key. Trouble shooting performed Attached a screen, keyboard and mouse and booted in safemode. Same error occurs. Updated bios on my MSI x570 Creation. No change to the error. After reading this thread and this thread which seemed to have a similair issue. I tried adding root=sda and/or root=sda1 to syslinux.cfg. The error persists but changes from "null" to which ever value I entered. All futher testing has these returned to there original state I installed a fresh copy of unraid using the creation tool on a variety of USB including wiping the original usb key. I was not able to get any of these to boot, they dont even get to the unraid boot selection screen, the system just goes straight into the bios. I used the make_bootable.bat, run as admin, enter twice. Doesnt change anything. I dont think its the bios settings. Everything is configured to UEFI. all USB keys were recognized by the bios and selected as the boot location. To test if my system can actually boot anything, I tried a windows 10 install media. It loaded without issue. I copied my backup back onto the original USB key and run make_bootable.bat. The bios recognizes the usb key, boots, shows the unraid boot menu and then shows the original error. I have a second test unraid server I use. I shut it down and inserted the USB key with the unraid that is providing the error. The same error appears. This suggests the issue is related to the USB key or the files on the USB key. I tried booting my USB key from my test server in my main server, it wont boot. same as item 4. So maybe it is the PC hardware? At this point I am not sure what the problem is. I am going to buy a new USB to test with, but not sure why my other USB keys werent booting. Based on some google-fu, it could be the memory? Any thoughts or suggestions? ditto-diagnostics-20211109-1906.zip
  3. I Spoke too soon. i am getting this error with a vengence.
  4. Incase it is useful for others, this error stopped occuring for me after I: disabled bonding NICs on unraid, mapped the share to windows 10 and Disabled docker Disabled VM disabled the secondary NIC on my windows computer. It was a fresh install of unraid. No issues transferring small files like MP3s, but it didnt like my bluray rips that were ~20GB to 60GB. Error occured using windows file explorer to copy and Free File Sync.
  5. The 6.9 Beta 22 release notes indicate GPU drivers are coming in a future release. I am super excited even if its months or a year away. "In a future release we will include the NVIDIA and AMD GPU drivers natively into Unraid OS. The primary use case is to facilitate accelerated transcoding in docker containers." https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/unraid-os-version-690-beta22-available-r955
  6. I would also like to see GPU drivers supported. Preferably making it optional to minimise impact to users who dont need it.
  7. Is the overprovisioning fix still needed when encrypting a cache ssd? I was reading some old forum threads about HPA and the lack of trim support on encrypted ssds.