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  1. I Spoke too soon. i am getting this error with a vengence.
  2. Incase it is useful for others, this error stopped occuring for me after I: disabled bonding NICs on unraid, mapped the share to windows 10 and Disabled docker Disabled VM disabled the secondary NIC on my windows computer. It was a fresh install of unraid. No issues transferring small files like MP3s, but it didnt like my bluray rips that were ~20GB to 60GB. Error occured using windows file explorer to copy and Free File Sync.
  3. The 6.9 Beta 22 release notes indicate GPU drivers are coming in a future release. I am super excited even if its months or a year away. "In a future release we will include the NVIDIA and AMD GPU drivers natively into Unraid OS. The primary use case is to facilitate accelerated transcoding in docker containers." https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/unraid-os-version-690-beta22-available-r955
  4. I would also like to see GPU drivers supported. Preferably making it optional to minimise impact to users who dont need it.
  5. Is the overprovisioning fix still needed when encrypting a cache ssd? I was reading some old forum threads about HPA and the lack of trim support on encrypted ssds.