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  1. What is the root password ? I wanna install ruby/rails and other stuff... How can we install languages to persist after an update with this ? the only mapped volume is the workplace. I really want a self hosted ide for python/ruby on my unraid :) Any alternatives other than this ? Thanks
  2. Are hevc videos direct playing on High Sierra with an nvidia 1060 passed through ? Or is only cpu hardware transcoding supported ?
  3. Great video as usual ! One question: why using a custom docker network ? I setup everything some months ago redirecting to my host ports. What are the benefits of this ? Thanks
  4. I’m slowly rebuilding my library of favourite movies with remuxes (previously i had 1080p x264 and x265 scene encodes).I really wanna keep those locally...in case something happens to gdrive.Reorganize things is just a big pain in the ass.
  5. DZMM : so are you moving everything to the cloud ? I'm thinking a way to keep my preferred movies/shows locally..maybe creating a new unraid share called preferred with movies and tvshows inside...moving stuff manually of course that i want to keep.
  6. DZMM, tried a custom version of your install/mount and umount scripts and everything is working smooth as butter, really thanks. I streamed 30 minutes of a movie, started in 3 seconds and no pauses. Now i need to think about automation (and unionfs mounts)...decisions, decisions
  7. Thanks a lot , i will try everything this evening
  8. This is the main thing worrying me...you know i was an happy unlimited amazon cloud drive subscriber I'm currently in a gsuite account with other 5-6 friends to avoid the first wave of limits that will surely happens soon.I have ~30TB at the moment..google is surely not making a big profit from us at $10 a month. Can you please make a sum of all your posts into one if you have time to better understand your way of doing things ? I wanna make a test with a good working situation before pulling the plug Thanks a lot BTW : Are you automating your downloads with radarr/sonarr from usenet ? Downloading locally and then uploading stuff removing from local ?
  9. Thanks for all the info DZMM i will try the rclone way this evening. Do you really trust google drive to keep all your movies/tvshows without a local backup ? At the moment i'm simply uploading there everything as a backup with rclone...wondering to take your way with the less preferred stuff if everythings works as it should
  10. As topic : are the new coffee-lake motherboards chipset supported ? I'm planning to buy an Asrock B360M Pro4 with an I3 8100 cpu
  11. Will take a look thanks Inviato dal mio SM-G900F utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Hi guys, i'm planning for my birthday to gift myself a new lowpower and silent system No vm, only the good old unraid with dockers. I want hevc hardware transcoding for being a little future proof so i think ryzen is out. I'm planning an i3 8100 cpu with 8gb ddr4 ram (too expensive now to buy more)...but as a motherboard ? I need at least 6 sata and i prefer intel gigabit ethernet. A silent psu ? How silent is the stock intel heatsink under very low load ? Thanks A.
  13. 22 euro cents here in Italy Waiting to buy a coffee lake here too...20k passmark ehehehehhe But the damn plex need to fix hevc 10bit transcoding
  14. Hi all, i need a lga 2011 motherboard for my xeon v2 supporting ecc registered ram. Something with Intel C602 chipset i think, like the Supermicro X9SRI-F. I have an ATX case, single socket is enough for me.