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  1. Yes, this is what I was planning to test. I did get as far as installing Ubuntu, but couldn't install Barrier on it - incorrect file type or similar message. I'm not familiar with the Linux OS, even the GUI. I am assuming the keyboard and mouse connect to the Unraid box, which then have to passed through to the VM?
  2. Hi all, I have multiple physical client laptop devices (work x1, personal x1, family x1). I have the above set up connected to a dual monitor setup. The video output connections on all three are different, USB C, HDMI and VGA. All are connected individually to the monitor setup. But to control the keyboard and mouse, I use the software called 'Barrier', which seems to work fine across all three devices. The only issue with this is one of the three laptops have to be the host and therefore on, even if I wanted to use one of the other devices alone. So is there a Barrier type docker/app that I can run on Unraid itself, so it can be the 'host' - with the Unraid server always being on. Currently the only other way I can think of is to set up a raspberry Pi and running Barrier on there as a host. I realise the 'dummy Pi host' will still form a part of one of switchable devices, but I can live with that. Also, I considered a hardware USB switch, but, am trying reduced the number wires connected to the laptops as they are often used for portability as well as being docked.
  3. Installed this docker. Works well, including with various different VLAN setups, etc. Thanks to all who have contributed towards it. I am assuming the version is updated in a reasonable amount of time?
  4. Seems as though the MAC addresses had got swapped around. Changed them back and now have access again.
  5. I have just put Ubuntu on USB and ran it on the same machine as Unraid and Ubuntu is connected to the network and is able to access the Internet and other internal web GUI interfaces. Lights on the network port are present. Thought I'd plug back Unraid, but I get the same thing - no Web access or port lights.
  6. Hi all, I have an Unraid setup with the above mobo. I was trying to access the GUI via web interface, but could not do so. Logged on to the GUI directly and it says 'interface ethernet 0 is down'. Checked the network port on the mobo and there are no lights to be seen. Have tried basic elimination - change network cables, switch port, connecting same port to a laptop (which works fine). I am not at all familiar with the Linux OS. How would I go diagnosing the issue? Cannot see anything in the BIOS of the mobo. Note. The Unraid setup was working fine yesterday. No configuration/updates have been made. Thanks.
  7. ***WebGUI solved, but...*** Loaded the mangle table on the UNRAID terminal and now can access the WebGUI with my original setup: '/sbin/modprobe iptable_mangle' But now scrappers like radarr and sonarr are unable to link the assigned IP address of qbittorrent. ************ Hi all, Has anyone successfully managed to set up this docker on its own subnet/IP on UNRAID? I can do so if the VPN enabled option is set to 'No' but as soon as I enabled it, I am unable to access the WebGUI. If I change the docker 'network type' option to 'bridge' then it works fine. My original setup was not making use of the built-in VPN options of the docker, rather all the subnet traffic was going through a VPN tunnel at router level. The WebUI was working fine. But this was without VPN port-forwarding causing torrents to stall/slow down. NB: My home network is broken down in to various VLAN/subnets. My laptop is on one of my secure VLANs, where it could access the qbittorent docker on VLAN with my original setup. But with setting up the VPN options on the qbittorrent docker, it seems to connect fine and port forwards fine. But I am unable to connect to WebGUI. I am reasonable with firewall rules, but dont know enough about how/if the qbittorentVPN changes things. The 'bridge' option does seem to work, but I rather keep thing separate/tidy wherever possible. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.