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  1. Hi everyone, my system crash random, i just attached to this topic, my sys diagnostic and print log when the system crashed, can anyone help please
  2. hi everyone i just set up authelia, but i have 2 problems with apache guacamole and radarr, the question is when i tip first time my adress guacamole, login in authelia and login in apache guacamole, and everything works fine, but second time when i close the page and retype the adress, give to me a blank page and don't show anything (in adress bar show this adress guacamole.*******.com/#/ i hide my adress for security), to show page correctly i need to clear the cache of my web browser the second doubt its, i type my radarr adress the adress show the authelia login page, i login and show the radarr login page, but when i click on the login buton they return whit page error HTTP ERROR 400, can anyone support me, i'm a newbie, i was learning to make a nice reverse proxy
  3. hi everyone i just set up like on youtube video, but when i try to start the authelia docker i get this error on log, can anyone help me