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  1. Hello all! I installed Unraid 6.8.3 and am currently using a trial license. Initially, I wanted to install pfsense as a VM in Unraid. But Unraid at the start checks the license via the Internet! And if Unraid can't check the license (and it can't because pfsense hasn't started yet), then the array doesn't start (which means it doesn't start pfSense). It turns out a vicious circle. To start the array, you need the Internet, and to have the Internet, you need to start the array (on which pfsense is located) I currently have 2 questions: 1. will Unraid behave the same after purchasing a license? 2. if internet is lost, will the array be stopped?
  2. It would be great if you could add more than two network cards to the virtual machine. Now I get out by editing the xml file.
  3. you my hero!!! half a day could not run pfsense