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  1. Its the same drive. How do I change it back?
  2. I am getting "Docker Image Failed to Start" on the Docker tab I see this error in the logs Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus emhttpd: shcmd (166): /usr/local/sbin/mount_image '/mnt/disks/Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_500GB_S59UNJ0N109855F/system/docker/docker.img' /var/lib/docker 50 Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus root: Creating new image file: /mnt/disks/Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_500GB_S59UNJ0N109855F/system/docker/docker.img size: 50G Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus root: ERROR: failed to zero device '/mnt/disks/Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_500GB_S59UNJ0N109855F/system/docker/docker.img': Input/output error Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus root: btrfs-progs v5.10 Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus root: See for more information. Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus root: Mar 8 09:54:42 Prometheus root: failed to create file system I looked in that location and I dont even see the docker.img. I searched the entire file system for docker.img via terminal with 'find / name docker.img' and it says no file exists When I look under the Apps tab and try to uninstall docker, docker seems grayed out. I have attached my diagnostics logs.
  3. If you click on the sonarr icon, click on it and go to edit settings, what is the ports for sonarr and what is the puid and pgid? 401 means you are not authorized, as Im sure you are aware. From the ports you provided there are 6's in front of some of your ports. IE SAB, Sonarr, radarr.
  4. Hi, So when I search for an episode in Sonarr, for instance bar rescue I see s03E21 but when I click on the manual search button it only shows S04E01. This happens for a few episodes. And when I hover over the red circle it just says that the file is larger than the maximum allowed. It does not say "Wrong Series". I read a post that says refreshing the series in drone fixed this but I think they were running docker on an actual PC and not in unraid. Can anyone help with getting sonarr to show the correct episodes when I click manual search? Thanks
  5. My parity drive was a 12TB and the 14TB easystores were on sale for $189 each. I couldn't pass it up so I bought 2. Then I replaced my 12TB parity drive with the 14TB drive and then moved the 12TB to my array. In your case, sure you're only added 8TB to your array instead of 12TB but it will allow you a wider range of drives to add in the future. So I would say go for it if the higher tb drives have a good price point
  6. left click icon in deluge unraid web ui, select 'web ui' and enable cheats This does not work when you sleepct multiplayer. You just join the server. I guess I left that part out. no. I actually found a command that works. 1. Launch the unraid terminal 2. Run the following command "docker exec -u nobody -it binhex-minecraftserver screen -r minecraft". replace 'binhex-minecraftserver' with whatever the name of your docker is. Then the console launches. Thanks for the help.
  7. I moved my Single player world to my minecraft server. It launches fine and all of my buildings are there. Cheats are enabled on the Single Player world. But when I launch the server I am unable to do any commands like changing the game mode. It only gives me a list of the commands in my screenshot. I tried launching the console by using the following command but I get an error. docker exec -u nobody -it binhex-minecraftserver /usr/bin/minecraftd console OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:346: starting container process caused "exec: \"/usr/bin/minecraftd\": stat /usr/bin/minecraftd: no such file or directory": unknown So from the error its saying that it doesnt exist there. Im sure it has to do with me having my appdata on my unassigned devices drive instead of the default location. I looked in the binhex-mincraftserver folder but cant find the path to the minecraftd Below is the path to the minecraft folder on my unassigned devices. /unraid_unassigned_disks/Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_500GB_S59UNJ0N109855F/appdata/binhex-minecraftserver/ What I am looking to do is enable cheat commands on my Minecraft server and the only way I can find is through the console. I am open to other ideas as well. So summary 1. How do I access the Minecraft Console through Unraid terminal? 2. Is there another way I can get the in-game cheat commands enabled if I cannot access the console? Thanks
  8. Hello, In SABNZBD I am getting "Cannot create backup file for /config/sabnzbd.ini.bak" I went into the location of the backup file and renamed it to sabnzbd.ini.bak.old. I saw the system created a new sabnzdb.ini backup file but Sab is still throwing the error. I have the cache saving to an unassigned device SSD instead of the array. I have no issues with SAB except for this error being thrown. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Western digital offers better deals for 12tb drives. Here's a list of sites and the optimal price to buy them at.
  10. In Deluge if you enable Labels through Plugins then it will add the TV or Movie Label. Thats how it knows where to move the media to.
  11. Nevermind. For some reason Unraid did not like my static IP. When I switched it to DHCP that fixed the issue.
  12. Hello, I am not getting this error. There are two things I recently did that could have caused this. 1. A few days ago I tried moving my docker.img to an unassigned device drive. I never deleted the docker image from its default location and didnt run any commands to move it except Rsync to transfer the file and I changed the docker path under the docker setting. However, I did not notice a Fix Common Problems Error at the time. 2. I added a 10GBE nic. When I added the NIC it obviously changed my IP address. In my router from ATT (bgw210-700) I had a reservation for my IP address. I removed the reservation and anything associated with that device under NAT/GAMING but when I try to assign the new NIC the same IP address, the IP address is missing from the list. So to work around this I statically assigned it an IP address. I pointed the Gateway and DNS to my router. Still got the error so I switched DNS to google dns I am still getting this error. How do I fix this?
  13. I switched it to 2.6 and uninstalled and reinstalled on 2.6 as well. I tried 2.7 and the if drivers as well. 2.6 is the only one that gives me the guest has not installed the display. The rest get stuck on the boot screen.
  14. I switched it to q35-2.6 and I get the following when launching VNC. I tried 2.7 and it reverts back to the original issue. Stuck on the boot screen. I have attached log. Also I am using a Ryzen 2700X for my CPU if that matters. pfSense Logs.txt
  15. Hello. When I launch PFSense for the first time I get stuck on the black screen where it says booting... and nothing else happens I see the following errors in the pfsense logs 2020-05-24 02:05:07.735+0000: Domain id=1 is tainted: high-privileges 2020-05-24 02:05:07.735+0000: Domain id=1 is tainted: host-cpu char device redirected to /dev/pts/0 (label charserial0) 2020-05-24T02:05:18.252838Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio-pci: Cannot read device rom at 0000:08:00.0 Device option ROM contents are probably invalid (check dmesg). Skip option ROM probe with rombar=0, or load from file with romfile= 2020-05-24T02:05:18.254745Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio-pci: Cannot read device rom at 0000:09:00.0 Device option ROM contents are probably invalid (check dmesg). Skip option ROM probe with rombar=0, or load from file with romfile= 2020-05-24T02:05:18.256320Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio-pci: Cannot read device rom at 0000:08:00.1 Device option ROM contents are probably invalid (check dmesg). Skip option ROM probe with rombar=0, or load from file with romfile= 2020-05-24T02:05:18.257872Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio-pci: Cannot read device rom at 0000:09:00.1 Device option ROM contents are probably invalid (check dmesg). Skip option ROM probe with rombar=0, or load from file with romfile= I did some searches and someone mentioned it has to do with the CPU pinning but I pinned 2 threads on 1 core. I even tried switching the pinning to a different core. I had 1 and 7 pinned but now I have 5 and 11. So Im a little lost here. I used the vfio plugin to get passthrough working. I also had to enable ACS override to get the IOMMU groups broken up. Here is my pfsense VM config Part 1 Part 2 I asked on the pfSense thread but nobodw was responding. I have attached my pfsense logs and my IOMMU group in txt files. Any help would be appreciated. IOMMU Groups.txt PFsense logs.txt