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  1. I didn't do anything (not even restart) and it is back to being able to update. I'm confused.
  2. Once again Docker is unable to show the version number of the apps This is the second time. Last time I put in a new cache drive because I was told the cache drive had some issues (it did). But now I have a brand new SSD in there as my cache drive and it is happening again. It took 3 months before it happened, but I'm pretty sure it was 3-4 months in the first time it happened. I really don't want to have to rebuild the cache each time this happens, doesn't make sense. I could move my Dockers to something more stable? Not sure what the solution is, but I can't have my dock
  3. Ah, crap Learning something every time. Thanks. I will keep an eye on the log and see how it performs over the coming days.
  4. Here is the current diagnostics after reboot. You should be able to see the errors prior to reboot which don't seem good (and I couldn't start a couple of dockers at that time).
  5. Doing this now. I should have remembered that. Had some errors this morning (prior to format), hopefully relates but doesn't appear that way. I will add diagnostics after the format if anything goes wrong. thanks again for the help.
  6. Went out and grabbed a new SSD and installed. Still some errors in there - what should I look at next? Sorry just not good at UNRAID yet
  7. ok. Thank you. Will find a replacement again. Appreciate the help!
  8. But this is the second cache drive within a week - why would it be failing? That's what was said about my last cache drive hence the replacement Seems very odd to me that 2 SSD drives would fail so easily when I haven't had any fail previous to that since I've been using SSDs.
  9. Previously I had a cache drive issue. I added a different SSD for Cache. The old drive used for cache is still there somewhere (didn't want to pull drives to find it, so left it in) but isn't used in the configuration anywhere. After replacement things were great for a bit. Lately my Dockers seem to crash, virtual ethernets seem to be the problem. And today when I went to plex and nothing showed (yet again) I look to the log and see a crapload of errors again Attached are the diagnostics. It's difficult to keep up with all the problems - I feel like I haven't had a stable sy
  10. When I get on a computer that has not attempted to connect previously and use Window File Explorer - it does ask for credentials. I have tried with: \{username} to get to the default context (instead of it forcing in my domain name) and that will not work even with admin user for Unraid.
  11. I don't think this is a Windows problem because my shares used to be visible. Sometime after a drive failure (cache drive) they are no longer visible. Not sure if there is a correlation, but now I cannot access any of the shares at all Trying to move some files around, but can't get to them. Attached diagnostics in case that helps. thx.
  12. Thanks everyone for the help, I seem to be back up and running. I even have the appdata backup plugin loaded.
  13. I will look that up as soon as I figure out how to get the appdata onto the new cache drive I'm new to Unraid, so didn't realize there was that plugin.
  14. I do have a second drive, but not sure what I do first.. I would think I need the following things to happen: Copy that data somehow from the backup to the new cache drive start up the array after this is done Those are guesses, but I have no idea lol