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  1. I was able to get the new cd key to boot. I had to set the boot to Legacy devices.
  2. Thanks. I haven't seen any crashes in a few days since this one. Fingers crossed!
  3. I agree. I have been an Unraid Pro key user for a number of years and I am running the system off a legacy Sandisk Cruzer Ultra fit. Works great. I purchased a Sandisk 32GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Ultra Fit flash drive to build a new server with a Unraid Pro key. The USB creator will not see the new flash drive. I tried the manual method and the server will not boot from the drive. It does see the drive in the bios and I have it as the first boot unit. Not sure why this would not work unless it is because it is USB 3.1 and not USB 2.0. Sounds like we need an update to support newer versions of USB flash drives. The old ones are getting harder to find. Just my .02.
  4. My Unraid server has been up for a number of days now and this evening, it has crashed. I am providing the diags and hoping someone may be able to tell me why it crashed? unraid-diagnostics-20200509-2240.zip
  5. Admins: Good to mark this one closed. Thank you for your help!
  6. That has been created and the path has been changed. What about all of the files in the original /download/intermediate directory? Do I need to move them or is nzbget smart enough to finish them out of the original directory and put new ones in the new directory?
  7. Thanks for refreshing my memory. I am trying to lay this out. So would I create another share, something like "download_processing" and then set it to cache Prefer and then map it to the docker container and then inside nzbget, set the InterDir to the download_processing share?
  8. This has been completed. Please find the new diags attached. I am thinking that the only thing I want download wise is the .rar, .par files and for the completed show or movie to be moved to slower storage after that is processed. Just letting everyone know the goal going forward. Not sure it is possible (IE: if it is just downloads or nothing). unraid-diagnostics-20200501-2151.zip
  9. Thanks for confirming @itimpi!
  10. Quick question, should I have left the docker and VM services stopped before running the mover? Just making sure I didn't need to start them up first.
  11. Mover is still running. I will follow up once done.
  12. Hey @johnnie.black Can you tell me what the proper memory speed is for my system? I can't understand that guide.
  13. I set the cache on the shares. Hopefully I got it right. Would appreciate any optimization or correction advice. New diags attached. unraid-diagnostics-20200501-0845.zip
  14. Ok, I did see that but was not sure if I was or not. I'll have to go into the BIOS and set it. I could not tell which one I needed as I really don't know what generation Ryzen that I have. I bought it new this week. The system is still running this morning.
  15. Here is a new diag. We can tackle the cache setup tomorrow. unraid-diagnostics-20200430-2336.zip