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  1. I'm having some weird issue where I can't connect to the docker for my InfluxDB using the unRaid console. It connects for a second and then flashes up "connection refused" and I get a black screen with a white cursor that doesn't allow me to type anything. I need to alter some settings on my database, how do I do this now?
  2. Hurrah! Good things come to those who wait. Ok, so bare with while I roll through my situation. I have a UniFi UDM-Pro as a router. I had forgotten that I had enabled the Honeypot feature, and it was running on the same IP I had selected for Pihole. I only realised this when I was looking to see if the UDM-Pro had picked up any open ports on the first IP I was using. I've now tried a different IP and it works straight away. TL;DR Changed my IP of Pihole container and it worked!
  3. Port 80 on a dedicated IP, so definitely no conflicts there.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, but they didn't help. Rebuilding the network stack actually broke my reverse proxy 😭 got it back though I really have no idea where to go next. My log looks the same as @darth_platypus EDIT; I too can ping my pihole IP. When the container is running it responds, when I stop it, it doesn't, so im certain there's no IP conflict on the network.
  5. Im having issues installing via br0 network type. The log just returns; WARNING Misconfigured DNS in /etc/resolv.conf: Two DNS servers are recommended, and any backup server. Where am I going wrong? Can't find how to fix it!