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  1. Hi, quick reply. I tried with device-id, but it did not work. Since my post, I went a bit mad, and reinstalled the machine back with clover (just to realize how convoluted it is and how bad it is), so now it works, however my plan is to install another one with HS and opencore and play around till I make it work, this way I would still be able to have a functioning MacOS while trying to work out OpenCore. Anyway, back to the device-id, what I did was put under the PCI device path: device-id = 68e0 & vendor-id = 1002 also added the ATY,device-id = 68f9 & ATY,vendor-id = 1002. My as
  2. I installed HS with OpenCore, because I have an ATI 5450, and HS is the latest that supports that hardware. Previously I used clover and managed to make the video work with HS. I don't use the VM a lot, just to convert some negatives in Lightroom that later I process mostly in Darktable under Linux, so my needs are pretty modest. However with OpenCore I cannot make the ATI work. Previously I used Inject ATI, FakeID and Eulemur as framebuffer name, however I do not know how to achieve that with OpenCore. I tried adding a dictionary for my card under Root -> DeviceProperties -> PciRoot(0x1