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  1. Filebot keeps creating a folder "TV Shows" in the output folder. I can't find any settings to remove the creation of this folder. I want Filebot to rename new shows added without changing the folders. My /watch folder and /output folders are mapped as the same folder.
  2. Thank you, the problem ended up being that the folder was zipped up one folder higher than required. After reloading the backup my original problem returned, but after doing the database clear and reverting from backup again it worked!
  3. Hey guys, I asked about an issue I had a bit ago. The suggested fix was to clear the database and that does seem to have fixed my initial issue, however I am now having trouble restoring from my backup. This is the first time I have needed to restore from a backup, so it's possible I am missing a step. I tried both containers, tdarr and tdarr_aio. tdarr_aio saves its backups as unzipped folders, but tdarr saves its backups as zipped folders? Zipping the folder from my tdarr_aio backup was the only way I could get the file to show up in the backup list.
  4. Has anyone had an issue with Tdarr not displaying any information (queue, history, stats, etc.). I have been using the container for a while and have 8000-odd transcodes, and as far as I can tell the app is still working, transcoding working properly, but it just doesn't print anything. I just updated to 1.109 hoping that would fix the issue, but is still present.