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  1. Hey everyone, I've finished my initial icon set on github. Hernandito's color variations can be found here.
  2. These look very good! To help me stay organized, I've created a github repo and I'm tracking new icons with issues. If you could help from there, that would be best: I've created issues for all in work icons, and I've tagged the ones that I think need some attention. I would like to publish your color variations there once the collection is complete. I'll tag it version 1.0.0 after completing the initial set. Do you think you can help me do this?
  3. Haha. Well either way, I'll keep adding it into the base ones for now since it's easier to delete a small section then to add it back in in the right spot. We can make a separate zip when I'm all done with the one line deleted from them all. I might start adding these to my github and cleaning the code up a bit too.
  4. Ok. I think that's good for tonight. Hope you all like.
  5. Haha, I know. I meant the colors I used for the ship were ripe for variations. I stuck to the black and white, but I think it could look a lot better if it was other colors. As a side note, I have added a few more icons. I changed up your music one a bit. Hope you like it. If you launch it in a browser it'll be able to render the "off-screen" bits and it'll look a bit weird, but it should look good when it can't show that portion as an unraid folder.
  6. What GuildDarts means is that the hover CSS animation does not work currently with the Docker Folder plugin because of the way it treats svgs. I've been creating all of the new icons to use hover animations by default still since he is working on supporting it. As you saw, it's quite easy to take out so feel free to have them always animating if you prefer that. I'm still going to be creating with the hover in mind though since it takes extra considerations (like the default frame shouldn't be blank). As an extra, I've added ship and grafana. Ship seems ripe for better color scheme
  7. Alright, here's the set so far. I'll probably just come back and edit this comment till they're all here. I plan on making them three different orange colors to match the unraid orange colors as the defaults. eye.svgcontrol.svgaudio.svgcode.svgship.svgcloud.svgsecurity.svggrafana.svgdash.svggaming.svgmusic.svgdownloads.svg
  8. Sweet, that made it a lot easier. Here's the new eye: eye.svg I'll slowly work on some other ones over the coming days.
  9. Yeah I can do that. To help me out, can you make these all different images (so like all the eye parts as one image layered but not together with other icons)? Inkscape is being difficult when I try to delete parts of the svg. Also, adding the background in would be good too.
  10. Here is an alternate for the eye that I think works pretty good (If you're really good, you can get it to freeze on the eye being closed.) Hehe. c1ab-eye-2.svg
  11. Sounds like you might have a few pieces of adobe software. If you have after effects from creative cloud, it can export to svg. I might find a version off the high seas myself to tackle some of the trickier animations that I'm having a hard time doing with the code. Hopefully it doesn't make the svg files a mess though. Some exports are terrible and you basically can't do anything with them from a text editor afterward because it's just a big mess of javascript. I'm not sure if it has the option to just export with css animations, but if it does, and you have after effects, try to use that.
  12. So just to give an example of why mine are colored as they are: I like the amount of pop it gives to my otherwise bland dashboard, but I recognize that maybe my taste isn't for everyone. I don't think the background color scheme is too important anyhow seeing as it's very easy for anyone to change afterwards with just a text editor. If we want to pick something though, I don't think it should be black or white so that the default will look good regardless of light/dark theme. Maybe we should make them unraid's orange color. The inside element's should be (in my opinion) white
  13. So, I can easily animate most of them to do what you've described, however, some will really depend on the vectorization. For instance, all the ones where the background image is doing something, you'd need to make a layer, where the rear image was the full vector but just obscured (in the case of the two clouds the front cloud needs to be surrounded by a thick dark outline with the full other cloud hidden beneath). If you can do that, then I don't see a problem making most of these. Some potentially problematic ones: blinking eye (it's a kind of morphing which is possible but requ
  14. Here is the variant that resets. aggregators-hover-reset.svg utilities-hover-reset.svg ldap-hover-reset.svg home-automation-hover-reset.svg indexers-hover-reset.svg cloud-hover-reset.svg media-hover-reset.svg downloaders-hover-reset.svgbooks-hover-reset.svg
  15. Alright here is the hover set. I tweaked the animations on a couple of them, like the cloud drifts a little more than before. This set will freeze in place when you stop hovering, but I'm going to make a separate set that will reset in case anyone prefers that behavior. cloud-hover.svgdownloaders-hover.svgmedia-hover.svgaggregators-hover.svghome-automation-hover.svgldap-hover.svgutilities-hover.svgindexers-hover.svgbooks-hover.svg
  16. Sweet. I'll go ahead and update them to animate on hover.
  17. Thanks man. Yours was definitely more comprehensive though. I only made icons for my folders. I made them svgs originally to take advantage of the hover effect so it would only animate on mouseover: aggregators-hover.svg. However, it's not working in my unraid GUI for whatever reason, so I just made it so they always animate. You can do the same thing with a gif, but a gif would be a lot harder to change the colors on. You can do super complex stuff with gifs a lot easier though. For instance, I wanted a spinning globe for a remote folder. Doing that with an svg is kind of a nightm
  18. I use openldap combined with phpldapadmin for a gui interface. I use ldap-auth for sites that don't have ldap integration (nearly everything I have that is user facing has it though). I use nextcloud for ldap password reset for users combined with the external sites plugin to show links to my users if they are in the ldap group for certain sites. Like so: I have a group for media stuff like emby and ombi, one for books and manga, one for home users for shared folders and grocy, then some more specific ones for guac vms. I went down the rabbit hole last Christmas to get i
  19. Sweet. It's working great for me now. Thank you sir. By the way, I have joined hernandito in making folder icons for people if anyone wants them:
  20. I made some svg icons because I wanted to be extra and animate my folders. Here's the set: aggregators.svg books.svg cloud.svg downloaders.svg home-automation.svg indexers.svg ldap.svg media.svg utilities.svg If you want to change the colors, it's super easy. Just open it in a text editor and give some of the rgb(x,x,x) new values.
  21. First off, love the plugin. I particularly like this preview view, but when I try to use it, if I make any small change to the order of my containers or folders, then all of my folders and containers within the folders start to randomly sort themselves. The sort order stays on the random order it chose even if I try to reorder. If I make a change to that setting in any of my folders, I'll get stuck with a new random order. If half have the setting and the other half doesn't, then the ones that have it turned on will go where they please, but the ones that don't will stay ordered re
  22. Josiah

    Chrome OS

    When I did the initial install, it seemed to me that it still just booted live. I had to go under the advanced options in grub and choose the install to disk (something named like that - don't remember exactly) option under there for it to stick. I've done this with the Mainline version and it's working fine. I'm unable to figure out how to change the VNC resolution though so if anyone figures that out, I'd love to know.