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  1. yea, i recreated twice yesterday, then i notice many of the files from the backup weren't present on the usb drive. I manually copy it over and unraid booted fine. Seems the backup was corrupted or the unraid usb tool had some weird bug.
  2. Hey All, I have upgrade to 6.9.2 a while ago, today i did a hardware swap, everything appear to be working without issue. I added a new drive, format it and mount it (not assigned to the raid) as i wanted a VM to have direct access to it. I did also cleaned up my passthrough config as i had a manual entry. I did take a backups prior of doing the changes on the syslinux.cfg. After rebooting i am now getting kernel panic errors, I tried restoring the USB from a backup and still getting an error. Here is the error im getting, I tried adding root=s
  3. This is my config, the default port is 8080 so all you got to do is delete it. re add it and another variable for WEBUI_PORT
  4. I fixed it, I added the WEBUI_PORT in docker config. This should be an option when creating it. U
  5. I can't use port 8080 because of my Ubiquiti controller. So im using port 1212 but all i get is connection refused. I wonder if the docker command from the app is hardcoded to use 8080. Anyone else has this issue? not sure why qbitorrent would use 8080 its fairly dumb as a lot web proxy uses 8080 by default.
  6. Hey, Thx for the reply. Ideally i would prefer docker to use its own internal network ( like in bridge mode) and have it bridge out to a different nic and a static ip address. I played around with those settings yesterday but It ended the internal and external address IPs are the same. I have 8 containers that should be kept in the 172.17.0.x subnet that docker uses and I want to use a single ip address and nic for all the containers.
  7. Hey All, I just spin up Unraid (merged from Freenas). I have bunch of docker containers to migrate over. I have 3 nics in my system, is it possible to have the bridge adapter in docker to redirect traffic to another nic? I don't want docker to use unraid's Eth0 nic.