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  1. I am trying to add a password to the VNC of the Firefox container. I have tried the VNC_PASSWORD as a variable and the --VNC_PASSWORD as a launch argument but no lock. I also can't seem to find any documentation for flags I could try. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Cheers ich777 for all your work!
  2. Hi all, Currently in the middle of a parity check as every time I go to shutdown or reboot the process hangs. From what I can tell its hanging on the two vm's i am running. Both are Ubuntu 16 and get stuck on the log out prompt and then unraid fails to shut down or reboot and has to be hard reset. Is there any solution to force kill the vm on reboot/shutdown. They are not specifically critical data wise. I would rather preserve the array then the vm. Thanks.
  3. Hi all just wondering if drive cache size effects performance on the parity drive. I have two drives one with 256mb and one with 512mb and want to know what is the best to choose for parity. Thanks, Cyprella
  4. If you had to choose, should the 512mb cache drive be used for parity or the 256mb. I understand that the total difference would be quite low. Thanks