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  1. I have that setting on from beginning. And I created networks like this in the docker compose. I am not sure how I created dockernet. I think I used CLI to create that. Anything I am doing wrong? Thank you,
  2. I am not sure how to create persistent docker networks, is there any link I can follow. My issue is also same as @L0rdRaiden. Here are my network settings, if you can quickly see anything wrong. Thank you,
  3. No I do not have any custom script related to dockers. I will give a restart and try to gather the logs for further insights.
  4. Does this mean, I am the only one with this issue? All my docker are turned off on the containers it self. I only have pi-hole auto start on on the docker-compose stack. Not sure what is triggering auto start of all the docker during the restart of unraid server 😞
  5. How does this autostart feature work? I want to disable the docker up after the reboot. Somehow I am facing similar issue as @L0rdRaiden. So I want all docker to stay off except one (pihole). If I toggle the auto start to off, there are still trying to execute the docker. Anything we need to do on top of disabling the auto start to make sure the docker is not trying to go up after a reboot?
  6. Nope couldn’t figure out why it was not blocking though i have all the ip blocked in the iptables. Decided to not use it after lots of tries and frustration.
  7. I have remote users my family members and they always had issues because of cloudflare, i will look into it again. yes, bantime -1 will block it forever.
  8. My domain is hosted at cloudflare, and not using proxy at the moment ( had issue with nextcloud, that auto upload was not working properly for larger files). In my iptables, I see all the IPs are banned as well. I have very similar configuration as yours besides the cloudflare part. 😞
  9. I am not sure what I did wrong. The difference between yours and mine is just cloudflare. I do not have subdomains proxied via cloudflare. I am trying to set it up for nginx. the logs displays ip is banned (I am using vpn to test the fail2ban). But I can still access the services. I asked in the reddit to see if I can get quick response. Here is the link to the detail issue and configuration I am using, fail2ban detecting IP but not blocking : fail2ban (reddit.com) I saw you were using different config for the action. So I gave second try with exact configuration like you and still stuck with the IP not being actually banned. Any idea?
  10. Hello sorry if I am at the wrong place, I want to understand a problem I am facing for the OpenVPN. I am using: OpenVPN-client maintained by @ich777. I updated the vpn.ovpn file today to change the location and now when I restart the docker, I get this error. seems like something different in the new ovpn file. can you suggest any resolution? Thank you,
  11. I couldn't find nginx.conf in my NPM /config directory. Do you know where it is located, I am using Nginx Proxy manager docker. I searched using find everything and it results empty search. 😞
  12. When i started mine I got stuck at the same issue. At that time I modified the configuration that came with authelia instead of one provided by Sycotix in github. I later used the config from Sycotix and motified on it. And I was able to load the webpage. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with the original configuration but may be I had some mistakes there no idea.