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  1. Thanks for spelling it out for a simpleton like me. The actual deleting of the Port Range setting and recreating the setting did the trick! Thanks again for all the support
  2. First of all ich777 thank you for all your effort on creating, maintaining and support these! I'm wondering if anyone has been able to run multiple Valheim servers on the same box. I tryign to run two Valheim instances, one running Valheim and another running Valheim plus. They are both pointed the same appdata/steamcmd source. Each have their own Game Port and Game Port Range, 2456-2458 and 2466-2468. The server running on the standard 2456-2458 ports works like a champ, no connection issues and shows up in the public Server browser, peachy. The server running on 2466-2468 I can try to manual connect using the IP:PORT and I get the connecting screen for about 5 seconds before I get disconnected, never get to the server password prompt. Server appears to be listening to the correct port as I get to the connecting window. Log below Any ideas on a possible cause? Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Success! App '896660' already up to date. ---Prepare Server--- ---Server ready--- ---Starting Backup daemon--- ---Start Server--- [S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): Loaded local '' OK. CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread took 1 milliseconds to initialize CApplicationManagerPopulateThread took 0 milliseconds to initialize (will have waited on CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread) RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamGameServer013 / RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamUtils009 / Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 892970 RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamGameServer013 / GameServer RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamUtils009 / Utils RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamNetworking006 / Networking RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamGameServerStats001 / GameServerStats RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): STEAMHTTP_INTERFACE_VERSION003 / HTTP RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): STEAMINVENTORY_INTERFACE_V003 / Inventory RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): STEAMUGC_INTERFACE_VERSION014 / UGC RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): STEAMAPPS_INTERFACE_VERSION008 / Apps [S_API FAIL] Tried to access Steam interface SteamNetworkingUtils003 before SteamAPI_Init succeeded. RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamNetworkingUtils003 / RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 58): SteamNetworkingSockets008 /
  3. Hardware isn't new but a repurpose of my old desktop PC that never had any stability issues while running Windows 10. Unraid will run just fine and after a day or two will lock up, I can't bring up the console or even ping management IP. I had a SSH session running since Dec 14 11:47:31 using "tail -f /var/log/syslog" to see if I could catch a break but nothing, last entry was "Dec 15 19:04:00 Tower crond[2055]: exit status 1 from user root /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null". I was having this issue while on 6.8.3 and upgraded to 6.9 RC1 to see if that would help any. Memtest hasn't reported any issues and at a bit of a loss. I'm not running any VMs, just a dozen or so docker images. Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Been having an issue with the server locking up, virtual machine screen goes black and the Unraid management IP stops responding. Seems to have start in the past week and occurs maybe once a day at no specific time. I tried looking at the diagnostics and nothing is sticking out, any help is appreciated.
  5. Was looking in the Docker image but I tried in the Unraid console and all good! Thanks!
  6. Wondering if anyone has any idea why my transcodes are not showing up under nvidia-smi? It goes from No running processes found to empty. I've verified that I see the GPU utilization increases and Plex is reporting it as hardware transcoding.