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  1. Hi All, Originally I've had 3x 2tb wd greens in my unraid box.. Speeds for parity check were around 70+ MB/s I just changed over to 1x 2tb wd green + 2x Toshiba DT01ACA 3tb drives by Changing the parity drive Then changing out one of the wd data drives (after the parity rebuild etc) with data rebuild etc. I noticed straight away that the speeds seemed a lot slower than before. parity rebuild was now low teens - 70MB/S - mostly around 30 ish. copying data off gigabit is giving strange results too. copying via disk shares (disk1 and disk2) I find the wd green a bit quicker than the Toshiba Using the hdparm -tT the wd green is a little bit quicker than the 2 Toshibas. I would have thought the new drives having the faster rpm 7200 v 5440 for the greens would be faster? My box is a HP N40L which is only sata II - could it be the tosh drives would prefer Sata III ? Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'm using a hp n40l.. Since I've already got unraid setup and working i'll add virtual box and put the other programs in a guest virtual then
  3. Hi all, What would people recommend and be most stable out of the two following options: A) Run unraid as the host system with virtual box plugin installed and then running a virtual machine with things like sickbeard, couchpotato, tv headend or myth tv etc or B) Run another host os with virtual box running an unraid virtual machine and sickbeard, couchpotato, tv headend or myth tv etc running in another virtual machine. Thanks, advice greatly received
  4. Ok, so I'm having this problem often - sometimes within an hour of reboot, sometimes it can be several days. After much reading and searching of forums the only common response is that "it's a sympton of the server running low on memory". I have 4 gigs, looking at the stats, I see that the usage hasn't been above 2.5 gigs, with free dropping to a minimum of .5 gigs (including cache). Is free mem dropping to half a gig the cause of the web gui stopping then? If 0.5 gigs is low, then wouldn't the system reduce the cached amount to bring up the free amount to a safe level (whatever that is) ? If having 0.5gigs free and nearly 2 gigs for cache is *really* causing the wb gui to stop responding then I will happily buy more ram, but I find it a bit strange. I would have expecetd the cache to reduce in size as free got low and only get problems when the free and cache dropped to vrtually zero? Thanks!
  5. Hiya, Does the amp need DLNA source or samba shares? If it needs DLNA then you'd need DLNA running on the Unraid box..
  6. Morning! Thanks for the reply. You were quite right, I'd forgotten that I was using a recompiled kernal based on rc4. Chaning back to stock rc11 got vbox plugin showing all running ok now. Just got to get the phpvirtualbox web bit working now as it reports "PHP does not have the SOAP extension enabled." when logging in .. Thanks again
  7. I've just tried the rc.virtualbox getlocalversion and that is what's giving the errors above...
  8. Hi all, I'm having toubles getting this working, the virtualbox packages won't install.. vboxsrv.log: VirtualBox XPCOM Server 4.2.6 r82870 linux.x86 (Dec 19 2012 15:42:02) release log 00:00:00.001047 main Log opened 2013-02-27T21:38:24.697408000Z 00:00:00.001057 main OS Product: Linux 00:00:00.001061 main OS Release: 3.4.26-unRAID 00:00:00.001066 main OS Version: #1 SMP Tue Jan 29 16:11:11 GMT 2013 00:00:00.001117 main Host RAM: 4021MB total, 913MB available 00:00:00.001127 main Executable: /opt/VirtualBox/VBoxSVC 00:00:00.001130 main Process ID: 7219 00:00:00.001134 main Package type: LINUX_32BITS_GENERIC 00:00:00.336045 nspr-2 Successfully initialised host USB using sysfs 00:00:00.339706 nspr-2 VDInit finished 00:00:07.580696 Watcher ERROR [COM]: aRC=E_ACCESSDENIED (0x80070005) aIID={3b2f08eb-b810-4715-bee0-bb06b9880ad2} aComponent={VirtualBox} aText={The object is not ready}, preserve=false What's not ready?! Also, trying to install the packages usign rc.vboxserv install: grep: The: No such file or directory grep: xboxd: No such file or directory expr: syntax error
  9. Thanks Jon. I've sorted it 99% - I reformmated the non-array drive from ntfs to reiserfs. I reasoned that maybe the ntfs-3g wasn't available at the time the mount statement was being issued. Now just got to get subsonic streaming videos instead of the video not found or access denied message its now giving me! Moving to the relevant forum... Thanks
  10. Hi All! Running 5,0-rc5, free version. I'm having troubles getting a drive mounted when rebooting. The purpose of which is to put plugins like subsonic, sickbeard, transmission etc on. I've added the following to the end of my go file: #mount app_drive mkdir /mnt/app_drive chmod 777 /mnt/app_drive chown nobody:users /mnt/app_drive mount -t ntfs-3g -o rw umask=111,dmask=000 /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_HD501LJS0VVJ13P703659-part1 /mnt/app_drive But when I look at /mnt/app_drive after booting via telnet, it's empty. If I don't do the mount command in the go script and then do the mount command manually via telnet after booting it will then work as expected. I also need the plugins not to start until its mounted too obviously! I was using snap before but that was unpredictable, sometimes it would start the apps before the mount and then proceed to install the apps afresh.. I've tried two different physical disks. Had the apps running on the flash drive originally but that died as a result... Help!
  11. Hi all! For some reason my web gui has stopped working. It was working until recently. I haven't changed anything. I've rebooted and its still not working.. I've tried killing the emhttp process thingy and restarting but got a seg fault each time. I'm using the latest rc and I've attached my syslog. Much appreciate any ideas anyone has on how to get it working again I've tried unmenu and UnRAID-Web and they work, don't know if that's of any help or relevant? Cheers! syslog.txt
  12. Hi All, I'm a new unraid user, my setup: unRAID Version: 5.0-rc5 HP proliant N40L /4gb ram with the bay firmware WD20EADS parity WDC_WD20EARX WDC_WD20EARX I also have another couple of drives in the server, a 1 gig seagate and a 0.5gig samsung, both mounted with the 3g-ntfs. I'm seeing what I think are really slow copy speeds. I never get any faster than 18-20MB/sec with midnight commander, regardless of what disk I copy to/from. I.E. same for in raid to in raid or in to out or out to out. When I had the ntfs drives in usb 2.x enclosures on a W7 machine I used to get around 30+ Running a parity check shows around 91-99MB/sec Is this normal? Is it the ntfs "driver" being slow? Also just tried using the cp command, copying from in raid to out raid. This gave 30+ but crashed the telnet and web sessions. Only a reboot at the machine fixed it. I tried again and the same happened... How do I stop the log being cleared when rebooting?