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  1. Thank you both. You were absolutely right. One of my labels didn't match what deluge was looking for. Big facepalm when I saw that! Thank you for helping out a newbie!
  2. Hi everyone! I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with Sonarr and Delugevpn. Sonarr is able to grab torrents and send them to Deluge to download just fine. Deluge downloads the file and moves it from "Incomplete" to "Complete" in my main Downloads share. The file is then shown as 'seeding' in Deluge. So far so good... After this however, Sonarr does not pick up the file and add it to the TV share. Sabnzbd works just fine, but deluge doesn't. I have Radarr and Lidarr set up and they are able to process the completed torrent files, but for some reason Sonarr is having trouble.