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  1. Problem is solved! I moved the files to another hdd (with unbalance) and then copied (not move) them back to the hdd. result: --> Notice [UNRAID] - current pending sector returned to normal value Reallocated sector count: 0
  2. Thanks for the feedback! If I googled it correctly, the hard drive can only find out that the sectors are ok or defective the next time they are overwritten. Is that correct and how do I do it? Is there a function in Unraid for this, or do I have to copy all the data down (and thus save it) and copy it back on? I will replace the hdd if it is defect. But I want to know that. How?
  3. Hello! Unraid told me that I have 24 "Current Pending Sectors". But I think it was only a problem with the sata-cable or PCI-SATA-Controller. Here is the reason why I think that: I had a problem to format a new drive, so I connected that drive with an other cable of an already installed drive. And the "older" drive with the cable where the new drive was connected before. So my new drive was now on the internal mainboard sata connection (instead of the pci controller card) and the drive, which now have the pending sectors, was on the additonal sata pci-controller. (To simplify matters: New Drive-> pci controller card->no format possible --> Pluged it into an internal sata slot; The older drive was therefore pluged into the port of the pci sata card port with the same sata cable) Some hours later I got the "197 Current pending sector 24" message for the "older" drive, which now was on the pci sata card. So I think it is a problem with the external controller card or the sata cable. So I plugged all back into the first setting (new drive pci sata controller AND older drive on the internal sata port) but with a new sata cable for the pci sata controller port. A extended SMART test for the older hdd with the pending sectors shows no errors. My Parity-Check with no writing corrections shows no errors (Parity check finished (0 errors)). But the "Current pending sectors" are still there. How can I be sure that the hdd is fine and that it really was the cable or is the pci sata controller? Respectively how can I get rid of the entry of 24 Current Pending Sectors? Is it possible to find the files where the problem sectors are and try to overwrite them? Maybe the hhd then recognize that there is no error??? I have that controller "Syba SD-PEX40099 4 Port SATA III PCI-EXPRESS 2.0". Thanks for reading! Marc
  4. Yes, both m.2 are NVMe and nevertheless it´s "only" 800 MB´s. Both should have higher speed, but I will check read/write performance of both m.2 later. But if it will stay at "only" 800MB/s it´s fine for me, too!
  5. Sorry for my very late response! I don´t know why, but I have a new Cache m.2 (instead of SSD) and the speed is now continuously stable! Not full 10 gbit, but around 800MB/s (from PC m.2 to Unraid Cache m.2). Thanks for your help!
  6. Since today I have two "HP NC550SFP Dual Port 10GbE Server Adapter". One in my Unraid-Server and one in my Windows 10 machine as adidional cards. Connection works fine. Ping is without package loss and with latency of <1ms. But the copy also slowdown after approx 8-10 seconds to normal (1000Mbit) network speed of 125 MB/s and stays there. It is reproducible and happens on several testet files. Source: m.2 2500 MB/s Target: Western Digital HDD but with SSD cache (500 MB/s) I used the unraid and Windows settings as Spaceinvader One shows it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMMopEiwiEo Anyone knows what is wrong in danz409 and or my case? Kind regards and thanks for reading! Stay healthy, Marc