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  1. @ich777 @Marshalleq It worked like a charm ! So far absolutelly no issues noticed all running as it should. WIll do some stress testing later on just to be 100% sure that it is stable enough for me not to care more Thx a BUNCH!!!
  2. Wow thx for swift response So as i understand the v6.9.0 beta1 release from first page would be most straight forward for me Ok will try that I dont have critical data on array yet It is just week old as i am new and experimenting on it.. just spent quite some time setting things up and trying to be carefull not to totally break it
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a way to pass through my nvidia GPU to the docker containers that I use (mainly Plex one from "plexinc") I am currently running 6.9.1 beta version (was experimenting with new kernel to get temp readings) I see we have compiled stable 6.8.3 version Question: Can I just download it, send it USB , reboot and all should work more or less Or it's too risky? I would rly like to avoid resetup all Dockers and other things that I use Thx in advance