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  1. What am I doing wrong? I have had Shinobi running for about a year now, but I ran into some issues and had to delete my appdata file and reinstall the docker. Now I cant add any users from the /Super. I fill in all the blanks and press save, and it does nothing. So then I followed instructions I found in this forum and pointed the container to my MariaDB docker that I am running and that seems to be working fine, but I still cant add a user. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have been going at this for too long. Here is the log No "ffbinaries". Continuing. Run "npm inst
  2. I find nzbget to hang often now. The message i see in the messages tab is "Restarting hanging child process for unpack for..." there are about 50 in a row. Once i restart the docker container, BAM it unpacs and moves on. It may go perfectly fine for several downloads or just one, its really random. Any Ideas?
  3. Thanks for replying. Sorry for all my noob mistakes. I went camping/floating over the weekend and I am just getting back to life today. My issue has been resolved. My problem occurred because I stopped delugevpn. I didn’t realize I needed it to continuously run even though i am only going to use nzbget. I really appreciate you trying to help and thank you for the corrections to my noob mistakes. I am sure I will be posting for help sometime in the future. You guys are great.
  4. Hello, i have set up lets encrypt and I believe it is work as intended, However, now sonarr, and radarr are not working. The only thing I have done was create the reverse proxy. I am sorry if i am not providing the correct information or asking the question in the wrong forum but I figured i woud start here as the lets encrypt was the last docker i created when the trouble began. I am hoping its an easy fix, but i cant figure it out. I have been working on it for 12 hours and no luck yet. Here are the logs from sonarr.. 2020-06-12 17:34:37,598 DEBG 'sonarr' stdout output: [Error] S