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  1. Yay. New version of Ripper is getting CD data correctly Thankyou
  2. SOLVED. On Windows I deleted windows credentials for the Unraid server. Restarted Win 10 Now I can not only see the server BUT NOW I CAN ACCESS FOLDERS AND FILES...Just like old times (last week) ACTUALLY It was just after this that my problem was fixed. It could be a combination of everything i tried before. ONE: I tried most things in this thread that seemed relevant to my problem BUT NOTHING WORKED TWO: I tried looking elsewhere and found this video that described the exact error I was getting. I did everything suggested in this video. A Lot I had already done, except the stuff at the end. Restarted, Still not fixed. THREE: I watched similar videos to above and a lot went in and changed passwords in windows credentials manager I went in and just deleted windows credentials for the Unraid server. Restarted Win 10. AND FIXED YAY. Thanks to all who suggested stuff. its been a frustrating week with no access to my server. I've probably done a whole lot i didn't need to but ill never know what that is.
  3. Thanks. I've done everything suggested in the latest few pages of that thread that looked like my issue. I can't even access via ip in windows explorer as some suggest. This just pops out into a browser with the unraid web interface. The mac laptop has access but all the files ive just ripped from CD are on the PC. All PC have the same issue. This issue started just a few days ago. Even some work around would be ok.
  4. I'm A bit of a noob but unraid has been working sweet as a plex server for months. I can still open the web interface to unraid on windows. Unraid is still delivering media to devices (via plex) Windows sees the unraid server but cannot brows any shares to add media as I usually do. I keep getting messages "windows cannot access\\MEDIA" Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise their might be a problem with your network...." As usual windows cant 'diagnose' anything Network settings have not changed unless the router automatically updated I have made no changes other than windows may have updated. The server may have stopped as there have been power outages. Everything seems to be set to all things mentioned here. I have tried un-enabling an re-enabling shares. and network WHAT DO I DO? 11. [SOLVED] Se post below 25th August 2020
  5. So does anyone know if the ripper not connecting to cddb is a configuration issue at our end? manually tagging 1000 cds takes some time
  6. YES. Im having this issue/ Everything is Unknown Artist > Unknown Album > No Track Names
  7. Thanks heaps for reply. I hope this is right. log opened in browser so i saved the page. It appears the log says 'detecting disk' but ive only put 2 cds in to rip Log for_ Ripper.html
  8. So I'm a complete noob at this but have managed to get a plex server up and running succesfully (after failing with freenas and linux). I have installed ripper. Ripper is working. As in, i put a CD in and it rips audio to flac and mp3 (although no tracks or albums get named) and then it ejects the disc when finished. My problem is about every 10 minutes the CDRW drawer opens like its wanting me to feed it CDs. My CDWR is behind a cover door si it cant opeen fully. How do io stop the CDRW drawer opening by itself