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  1. well as it turns out, after upgrading, ipv4 of my unraid changed and it was booting alright but i kept opening old page) ta-dah)
  2. hi all! thanks for the new version but i seem to have a problem. upgraded, pressed reboot and it's been almost 2 hours. is it normal? i have a pretty powerful cpu. can i shut down manually at least or what?
  3. looks like soon 6.8.3 will be able to transcode again, right? beta for now
  4. Has anybody experienced problems with ? After patching my library doesn’t update, i cannot delete any movie manually via ‘delete’ button. When i push ‘delete’ or ‘scan library files’ it just loads for a few seconds and then nothing happens. I can’t even delete tv or movie library altogether, it just it just shows yellow exclamation point for a second near a library and then it comes back.