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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion for an app (other than Plex) that I could install to my server that would allow me to upload photos from my phone to the server? I currently use Plex, but it is just too slow and unreliable, causing many headaches. I saw Lychee in the app store, but that doesn't seem to have a phone app companion. I guess this doesn't necessarily have to be an UnRaid solution, because I don't care if there is an app running on UnRaid, because all I really need is a good phone app that can upload to an UnRaid Share folder. Thanks.
  2. Well my two highest priority backup sets are uploaded successfully now, but unfortunately my third backup set (which is my largest - movies, etc.) seems to have started over. It says 1TB remaining and estimates 75 days to complete. I need to find a way to actually browse my uploaded files online to see what could possibly be missing from this set. Edit: it is finished backing up now, so it only took another day or two. I didn't get a chance to see which files it was backing up that got lost in the transfer. Who knows, but all is good now. Thanks for your docker Djoss!
  3. I'm not sure, it says I have 2.1 TB usage, but I don't see where I can browse those files... It's a bit confusing because it says 2.1 TB "usage" total, but then when I click on my user (I'm the only user) it says 2.4 TB "selected" with 19.9% backup status. EDIT: I may have figured it out... when browsing the server on that console website I saw a list of excluded files which reminded me that I needed to exclude a bunch of ISO files in random folders that I didn't need to backup (I forgot to do that when I had to setup my backup folders again). After deselecting those files it rescanned and now it's just saying that only 30 GB need to be backed up. But it's saying that will only take 50 minutes so maybe it's just scanning those files for redundancy. I'll repost if I have any more issues.
  4. I seem to have run into a hiccup in migrating from CrashPlan Home. The new docker seems to be trying to reupload everything. Setting up the new docker seemed to go without a hitch except when I first logged into the new docker it asked me for my archive key and after I entered it the docker just jammed up for a long time. I waited about an hour and then restarted the docker. But the next time it seemed to go through the setup fine. However, because of the change from /data to /storage I think it caused some problems. I didn’t realize the change until a day later and since my backups were setup to nightly it tried to run a backup overnight and that’s when it realized no files were there (in the old /data location). So I’ve now added the new file path (/storage) and now it sees the files. I followed the directions to NOT deselect the old path yet, but I think maybe it’s too late because it already ran a backup once and when it didn’t find the files in /data it may have deleted them from the online backup (?). So now it says that my highest priority Backup Set (526 GB) has 224 GB to go and will take 11 days to upload! That’s not even my biggest backup set so I’d really like to avoid the month-long upload if possible at this point. Any hope? Thanks.
  5. zero_koop

    Good Online Backup Services

    I see, thanks. Well for the price of Backblaze B2 (roughly $180/year for me) I might as well stick with CrashPlan for Small Business which is only $120/year for unlimited data (assuming CrashPlan for Small Business still has a Docker that works...)
  6. zero_koop

    Good Online Backup Services

    Right, but Backblaze B2 isn't $50 annual for unlimited storage which would make B2 much more expensive for my purposes. Can I use rclone or duplicati with regular Backblaze? Thanks.
  7. zero_koop

    Good Online Backup Services

    @shaunsund Which rclone plugin version do you use from the Community App? Author Waseh or tynor88? The Waseh version sounds like the right version, but it mentions Backblaze B2. Do you use B2 or just regular Backblaze? I'm not sure of the difference but it sounds like it's a separate service.
  8. zero_koop

    Good Online Backup Services

    Hey thanks for this tip! Sorry I totally dropped off the face of the earth after asking this question. Actually, it wasn't until just now that I re-read it and realized you were talking about a service called BackBlaze. I didn't recognize that name so I just thought you were talking about some program on your server called BackBlaze. So yeah that's a very reasonable price. I think I get the gist of what you're suggesting to setup to get it working (although I don't know what rclone is), but I'm wondering, how reliable is it? Have you had an issues where it stops working expectantly? Anyone else have any suggestions for services in that price range ($50/year) that work well with unRAID? I'm also considering going a different route where I only backup my photos/home videos online and everything else is burned on occasion to a BluRay disc (but I don't currently own a BluRay burner so I have to add that expense).
  9. zero_koop

    How to diagnose slow file transfer speeds

    Great, that works, but it didn't show me the actual transfer speed. But based on my counting as the remaining MB ticked down I estimate that it was still a somewhat slow speed (5-7 MB/s). Good point. Based on my test with my phone I think it might be more router related, but I'll definitely check into that too. Thanks everyone!
  10. zero_koop

    How to diagnose slow file transfer speeds

    One more question, maybe my old laptop is just getting slow and that's the issue with wireless (the laptop does not have a LAN port either). But I don't have any other wireless devices besides my phones. Is there an app that I could use on my Android phone to browse files and transfer to/from the server?
  11. zero_koop

    How to diagnose slow file transfer speeds

    Now my desktop is transferring files to/from the server at around 100 MB/s. Sometimes it slow for a few seconds, but then picks back up again. I'm a bit perplexed because just before I posted this, and all last night while I was working on this, neither computer (desktop or laptop) would transfer higher than 7 MB/s. But my wireless laptop is still transferring at the slower speed. It's a good quality (ASUS RT-N66U) wireless N router so it should be going more like 40 MB/s I think... But my wireless speed is not an UnRAID issue I don't think. But I do have a couple remaining questions: 1) Is there any reason to think that my slow wireless speed could (at least sometimes) affect my wired transfer speed (as it seems to have been the case up until just recently)? 2) In case this happens again, what might have been the next step if one or both of the cache/data drives were still slow?
  12. I've noticed recently that my server is running really slow when it comes to file transfer speeds. I don't know when this started, because I primarily use the server to run Plex and that has been running fine. But I was trying to copy some files off the server and noticed I'm only getting 5-7 MB/s. I used to get 80-100 MB/s a while ago. All of the stats on the Main tab look good, all green, no warnings, plenty of free space on the storage and cache drives. I ran a parity check just in case, I ran mover, and I upgraded to v6.5.0, but nothing made a difference. I also tested the file transfer from my desktop that is hardwired to the router and my laptop which is wireless. I rebooted the server after the upgrade and then attempted a file transfer, canceled the file transfer and then downloaded the logs. I've attached the logs, but let me know if you need me to test anything else to show up in the logs. Thank you! Unraid v6.5.0 Dockers: Plex and CrashPlan tower-diagnostics-20180317-0757.zip
  13. zero_koop

    Good Online Backup Services

    Many of us are/were probably in the same position where we used CrashPlan and since they are no longer supporting home users I have to find a new online backup service . My CrashPlan subscription will be expiring in a couple of months. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to use as a replacement? I'm looking for something with similar price, features (unlimited backup, or at least 5TB), and works well with UnRAID. Thanks for the help!
  14. zero_koop

    [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    It didn't actually let me select that folder "7709..." as the backup location because it hadn't been created yet. The way you described the path mappings and permissions is actually how I had to setup originally. The problem is, I think, that the read-only access on /mnt/user was overwritting the r/w access on /mnt/user/CrashplanTower/ because it is a subfolder of the former.
  15. zero_koop

    [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    I figured out my problem, but I need advice because I'm not comfortable with the solution. Previously I had given the CrashPlan docker READ access to /mnt/user because that is where all of my shares are and I want CrashPlan to backup from multiple shares. I then gave the docker READ/WRITE access to /mnt/user/CrashplanTower/ which is the specific share that I wanted it to have write access to for incoming backups. I fixed my problem by giving the docker READ/WRITE access to /mnt/user (and I removed the other path to /mnt/user/CrashplanTower/) but that makes me a little uncomfortable because now in theory the CrashPlan docker could (either through a bug, improper config, or malicious attack) destroy my data on the server with WRITE access. How should I configure this? I think I know a way that would work, but seems a little cumbersome. I could add multiple path mappings with one for each share that I want to backup from and give it only read access. Is that the only real way? Thanks for the advice.