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  1. Thank you so much, I found the culprit! And thanks to everyone else as well, I really appreciate it. The files that were taking up space were in my Deleted Files bin in Nextcloud! Roughly 26GB of deleted files. Nextcloud is relatively new to me so I didn't know it was keeping my files like that. I need to look for a setting that auto-deletes after 30 days, but otherwise I'll have to remember to empty my recycling bin. 😜
  2. I cannot reconcile a few of these numbers. What I don't know is if this is normal or not. Here are some stats: Cache drive 1 size: 128GB Cache drive 2 size: 240GB filesystem: btrfs reported "size" on Main screen: 184GB what is this about? Shouldn't it just be 128GB? as per below: 98+29.5= ~128GB reported "used" on Main screen: 98GB reported "free" on Main screen: 29.5GB reported utilization for drive 1 in the popup system warnings: 97% how is this calculated? 98/128 = 76% or 98/184 = 53%, neither of which are close to 97% What if I told all of my shares to NOT use the cache drives, then invoked mover? Would that clear them out and would doing that be helpful in diagnosing the situation? Just to confirm my earlier calculations, I browsed to the "cache" network drive, used Windows Explorer to calculate the size of everything in the folder and the total was 55.6GB.
  3. Here is the Diagnostics.
  4. @Squid I wonder if your advice in this thread also applies to me: I am using btrfs with mismatched drives sizes (128GB and 240GB). I still haven't confirmed which raid type I am using (can't figure out how to check, but I most likely used the default RAID1). But UnRAID is reporting 30GB free and I can only find ~63GB of files on the cache drives. Is it possible that my cache storage space is only ~93GB?
  5. Indeed, results show the only share using the cache currently is the appdata. Using Windows Explorer to calculate the size of each folder adds up to 63GB. But that is still quite a bit lower than the 96GB used being reported by Unraid. Still trying to figure out how to account for the difference. I believe I'm using RAID1, but I'm trying to confirm that... Forgot to mention, using Unraid 6.9.2
  6. My cache pool is reporting 83% utilization out of (96GB used, 30GB free). I can't figure out what is taking up so much space. It's possible that Plex's appdata folder is simply using up all the space, but I've tried to find the folder(s) that use that much space and I can't find it. The way I have my shares setup is like this: appdata: prefer cache several data shares like photos, music, etc.: Yes Cache other shares: No When I browse my cache files I see the appdata folder (as expected) and the docker.img file (10GB). I occasionally see files from the other data shares (music, photos, etc.) but those get moved off and if I invoke mover they move right away. So everything seems to be working correctly, but why is my appdata folder reporting so much usage? I have 4 dockers that utilize the appdata folder: CrashPlanPro dirsyncpro nextcloudpi plex The first few don't use much space. I've looked for the biggest folders within Plex and the best I can come up with is about 50GB of usage. Is there something I can do to ensure my disk utilization is being reported accurately?
  7. I've been using this Docker for a few months now and I am really happy with it's stability (and the features of Nextcloud). I have a question about updating Nextcloud. Should I be able to use NCP to update from version 20.x to version 21.x of Nextcloud? In NCP, I have it checked to "Automatically apply Nextcloud updates". And the System Info page says I am currently running Nextcloud version (and NCP v1.36.3). I'm not too familiar with Nextcloud yet but when I check their website it says the current stable version is 21.0.2.
  8. OK, understood. I'll see if I can find the router's DHCP server's pool. In a worst case scenario, if that were to happen (same IP addressed assigned to my phone), could I temporarily alleviate the issue by disconnecting my phone from the network?
  9. From time to time my Unraid server changes IP addresses. Typically this hasn't inconvenienced me in anyway besides having to update my Plex bookmark. But now it's causing a much larger issue with another docker I am trying out (Nextcloud) because everytime the IP address changes it trashes the Nextcloud app on my phone (have to remove account and re-login and re-sync all of my files and re-setup my camera sync, etc.). How can I keep either the server IP address or the Nextcloud IP address static? I've read this section of the configuration tutorial, but that says it is only for networks without a DHCP server. And since my server IP is 192.168.X.X that means I do have a DHCP server, correct? My mesh router, unfortunately, does not provide many features for advanced users so I'll probably need to find a solution within Unraid. Edit: is this the answer? If I go into Settings > Network Settings I can change the IPv4 Address Assignment to "static" and it fills in the current info for me. Is that is? It's that easy?
  10. Nextcloud has stopped running for me and I'm still trying to understand why. The last log entry was a warning: This was a couple days ago and it might have been the day that I enable auto-updates in the NCP Maintenance interface. Just prior to that event are a lot of other System log entries in the same minute or 1 minute prior (10:56 to 10:57). I don't know what the entries refer to but a lot seems to have happened in those last 2 minutes. But I can't log into any Nextcloud interface to try and fix things, restarting the Docker doesn't help. I don't mind reinstalling the docker, but I'm trying to understand what went wrong. edit: I think I might know what happened, but I can't be sure because I went ahead and reinstalled the docker already. Every once in a while my Unraid server will switch IP addresses from 192.168.68.XXX to another XXX. I'm not sure why this happens, it usually doesn't affect anything except my bookmark for my Plex interface, but I guess this could become a real issue for this app so I'll have to look into that, but I don't think it is a NPC issue. edit 2: Well, my Unraid server just did it again (changed IP addresses) and yep that seems to be the issue I had previously. Trying to access the app on the new IP address results in an "Access through untrusted domain" error. But after updating the docker settings to the new IP address it works again.
  11. Thanks for the other suggestions. I went ahead and tried out NextCloudPi. Right now I'm very impressed with it's capabilities and performance, but for now I'm not opening it up to being accessible off the network (not the biggest priority for me at this time). There were times during the setup that I wondered if I should be pursuing a more simple solution, but I eventually got it working. I do suggest it for others who are seeking a solution, but I am still in the phase of testing it's stability and reliability. In other words, does it get 100% of my photos or will it miss a couple once in a while? If I end up changing my mind I'll be sure to look further into the other solutions suggested.
  12. Actually I'm not having that issue, but you clued me into where to find them. My datadir is already set to "/data/nextcloud/data", so I was able to use the Unraid Terminal interface to browse to my Camera Upload files! So they are there, but I cannot use Windows Explorer to browse to those files. When I try to open the /data/nextcloud folder, Windows Explorer says that I do not have permission. I'll have to learn more about setting permissions, but if you could tell me if that is fixable or not I'd appreciate it. edit: removing my other comments because after playing around with Nextcloud I am very impressed with it's ability to sync content back and forth from my phone. The web interface is very responsive and downloads are quick. I'm happy for now as I test the stability of the platform. Thanks for your help!
  13. Thanks, I'm following you. Changing the ports to 801 and 4431 worked. I'm basically up and running. I have my phone syncing my photos to the server (my first use case). In configuring Nextcloud, I setup a new, empty Share as the Data folder and the docker threw a bunch of folders/files in there during setup. However, am I wrong to assume that I should be able to find those synced photo files by browsing that Share? I don't see them in any folder.
  14. Well you hit the nail on the head! I never saved the Job File at all! Haha, didn't realize I had to do that. Anyway, at this point I assume that was the issue. I'll come back if it happens again. Thanks.
  15. I'm having an issue where my Job got deleted. At this point I'm assuming the whole docker is getting reset for some reason. Maybe it doesn't have write permission to save the settings/Jobs that I'm creating? Here is what I know: I set up a job a couple months ago, tested it, then enabled a daily Schedule, then I checked a couple days later to ensure the scheduled job was successful. It was successful so I assumed it was safe to leave it be. Now I'm noticing that it stopped working a while ago and the whole Job is gone. Any ideas? Here are the settings I think are important (let me know if you need more): Data Directory: /mnt/cache/appdata/dirsyncpro Source Directory - Read Only: /mnt/user/