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  1. Jdownloader is the only process that runs under java. I did a reboot in the console and after a few hours it actually rebooted. That "fixed" it for now but i still would like to know what its triggering, I deactivated a few docker container, the ones i added last. Lets see if its happening again. The Webui ( the part that loaded) showed a high disk read on one disk but i couldnt find anything that was causing it.
  2. Hello, Unraid is extremly unresponsive (cant load most of webui, cant reboot, cant stop docker) Iotop shows high usage and cpu is also at 100% Thanks for Help
  3. Hello, I have the lancache docker running on unraid and a pihole on a raspberrypi. The Pihole works as dhcp server and has the lancache as upstream dns. If i download a game it doesnt get cached, i see logs filling, i see that in ressource monitor the steam.exe/origin.exe (tested with these both) downloads from my lancache ip adress but its not caching. nslookup gives me the ip from the lancache aswell. I tried skipping the pihole and setting the dns directly to the lancache ip but that doesnt work either. The cache folder just stays empty. Hope you can help me