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  1. A quick question regarding an oddity when preclearing disks, maybe I am missing something very obvious. After the disks are precleared I leave them in the chassis in case I have a disk failure so that I can throw them at the array quickly whenever needed. The strange thing is that after a while the disk seems to have a partition on it and I need to preclear again. What am I missing? UNRAID or unassigned devices seem to be doing something that I don't want by creating a new partition on the disk, is there a way to lock the disk or something? Thanks for the help
  2. It is, I went from to, it was easier that way around, the only thing that is acting up is qBittorent with VPN on, everything else works as expected.
  3. Hi Binhex, thanks for all your work, just a quick question regarding qBittorrent vpn running on UNRAID, since I had to change the internal IP range I am struggling to get to the Webinterface when the vpn is enabled. The closest I got to resolve this matter is in an openVPN forum stating that there is an issue in the iptables.sh file and export LOCALIP="" is not correctly set. Still relatively new to docker and am not sure how to resolve the issue. The Container Variable: LAN_NETWORK is set to This was working flawlessly before on my old IP range and I am unsure where things are going wrong atm. With the VPN switched off I can get to the Webinterface just fine and have to assume that the vpn split tunnel for the access of the LAN is the issue? Any idea? Are you able to point me into the right direction? Thanks
  4. I was hoping to get some advice regarding some obvious markers and how to narrow it down a bit. So if anyone has an authentic controller, it would be great to get some high quality pics to be able to compare.
  5. Hi, I am having the same problem trying to identify the real deal.... When looking online, even newegg, it looks different to what I would expect, has anyone got a picture of am authentic LSI LSI00244 9201-16i controller? I can see different colouring of the PCBA, some transistors have different colouring, LSI logo missing sometimes, the heatsink looks different. Maybe the layout was changed by LSI, maybe not.... At the moment I am really unable to tell what the original should look like. Too many counterfeit controllers on the web for premium prices. If you look at the pictures, all of them claim that their controllers are the authentic LSI controllers, any help would be appreciated.