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  1. No I haven't done it. The field is left empty.
  2. It started picking up the proxy when I gave port 8119 of rutorrent
  3. I had my sonarr & radarr connected to Jackett indexers. This was done through privoxy of delugeVPN. So in my settings>general of sonarr/radarr, I had of DelugeVPN with 8112 port. Recently my ISP changed, and now my subnet is 192.168.1.x. So accordingly I changed the LAN_NETWORK Container Variable of Deluge to, restarted the container. I also changed the proxy settings inside sonarr/radarr, and copied my new jackett url to indexers. But the indexers are not getting connected. and I get the error Failed to test proxy: http://services.sonarr.tv/v1/ping and such. I tried some trial and error and what I was able to figure out was that enabling proxy in sonarr/radarr is causing the issue. Sonarr/Radarr is unable to connect to the internet whenever I enable proxy, and test are passing if I disable proxy. I also tried giving the port of rutorrent, still same issue, What am I missing here, since everything was working perfectly before. unmhn-diagnostics-20200704-2324.zip
  4. mhn_10

    Mover stuck

    Here is what I did. The old configuration was 1x 500 GB + 1x 250 GB ssd I needed to replace the 250GB one and I had just installed it recently in single mode. So I was pretty sure that it won't have any data on it. So when the mover finished with 11 GB remaining on cache, I took the chance of replacing the 250 GB ssd with the new 500 GB ssd. This is a chance I took, since I had all the appdata backed up already if anything went wrong. After I replaced the the cache with 2x 500gb ssd, I did a balance with RAID0 and then set the required shares to prefer and started the mover back. This has worked for me, and all my plex database is still intact.
  5. mhn_10

    Mover stuck

    Yes, It shows up when I explore it. Looks like it only has app data Disabled in settings
  6. mhn_10

    Mover stuck

    My mover ended with 11.2 GB still in cache. I made sure I turned of docker and VM. And changed all shares to cache:yes Why could this be happening since there is nothing else in the server that could access the files. Could it be that deluge might be locking the files, even if deluge is not running?
  7. mhn_10

    Mover stuck

    Seeing some progress. Cache has reduced to 11 GB remaining. So I guess its still running. Any idea on why there is a delay?
  8. I'm trying to add a new (500gb) cache disk to my cache pool by replacing the existing 250gb disk. Presently its 500gb+250gb cache pool. To do this, I've backed up my appdate folder using the CA Backup/Restore plugin, and then followed instructions here https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive I started the mover, and the mover has copied some data onto my array, but its now stuck at 43.4GB remaining for a long time. Any idea as to why my mover is stuck. diagnostics-20200702-2148.zip
  9. Thanks. I took a backup of the appdata using CA Backup/Restore and then I'm gonna follow this https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive to add the new drive. After that I'll do a balance with RAID0
  10. Gonna recreate my database. Sigh. What is the general procedure next time, when I want to change my cache pool? Planning on getting a drive for making it RAID0 cache pool
  11. Looks like my plex database is corrupt. If I try copying just the database files from the old plex container to the new linuxserver container, the container fails to start.
  12. 3-4 Days I would think. And the logs you saw was after a reboot. Since I rebooted when plex started crashing
  13. Hmm, Shall I try setting up a linuxserver-plex container. Once its setup, I then copy the old plex database to the new appdata location. Also, Is there anything that I must do in order to make sure I haven't been exposed from port 22. I'm worried since there were few ssh and ftp logs.
  14. Yes, all of them are starting. I tested Sonarr Grafana DelugeVPN Torrents are resuming as normal
  15. Thanks. I'll reset the password once we are done as well.