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  1. This may have been answered in another post and I looked past it, but it seems my settings for this docker are resetting whenever my server restarts. Any way I can get these to stick?
  2. That did it. Wasn't sure where to grab diagnostics. Once I found it, I saw it wasn't resolving the hostname, tried IP like above, and it's working fine.
  3. I am new to Unraid (currently just on a trial). I have added a remote SMB share (from a Windows PC) using UD, using a local user account created on that PC that is provided full access permissions to that share. Username entered is just "user" not "mypc\user", password is valid, not set to expire. I am able to add it to the list of remote SMB shares, but when I click "Mount", it looks like it will mount, loads, then goes right back to the same screen with the button still stating to "Mount". Following other posts I've found that had some kind of resolution, I can confirm the password is just a-zA-Z, username is a-zA-Z as well. No special characters. I have tried to force SMBv1 to no avail. I have also changed my Windows PC settings to allow for 40/56-bit encryption connections, not just 128-bit, and to turn off password-protected sharing. I have also tried every mix of the above three. Turning off password-protected sharing does allow me to find the share without a user/pass, on Unraid, but still not mount. I'm lost at this point. Any ideas?