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  1. I have gotten Varken/UUD working with multiple Tautulli servers, which are selectable as a variable in the dashboard. If anybody is interested in trying to do that, let me know and I can write up the steps. There is one current limitation, as far as I can tell - Varken can be configured to access multiple Tautulli servers but can only notate them as 1,2,...n. To make that meaningful in the dashboard I had to use either rename transformations or name/value overrides to switch from '1' to the friendly name of the server. The server name does not seem to be stored anywhere in the In
  2. Thanks. I think the query is working correctly, as it does pares out most of the containers. On a whim I switched my Deluge docker from host to bridge. Then I couldn't access the WebUI so I changed it back to host. But, lo and behold, it was now reporting the TX/RX stats on the dashboard. Looking forward to 1.5!
  3. Thanks for the great dashboard! I have one weird situation - incomplete list of Docker containers. For the Docker CPU and RAM graphs, I can see all 7 of my Docker containers. For Docker Network TX/RX, I can only see 5 of the 7 (notably, Plex and telegraf aren't reporting). Is there a network setting in the containers themselves that is needed in order to report TX/RX via telegraf? Does it matter if they are in host or bridge network mode? Thanks again!