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  1. Changing browser did not make a difference and I do not use chrome. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. I have the "can not change the password" problem also !!!! I added a new user and a password for the new user and clicked to complete the action.. The unraid server replaced my chosen password for the new user with the password for the ROOT user.. I tried to change the password for the new user many times, and the process fails to change the password, replacing the desired password for the new user with the ROOT user password. ...... All my user accounts have had their password changed to the root user password I tried to correct the other user passwords, but t
  3. How to Recover Deleted Files from an UNRAID server running the XFS file system I deleted about 1.9TB of data consisting of several directories and their contents and multiple individual files, I was told there was no way to "undelete" the data in a XFS file system in unraid. I found a program called Recovery Explorer 8.4 which recovered all of my data. REMEMBER... do NOT do ANYTHING that will write to the array after the files are deleted or you may write over the files you want to recover
  4. The problem; Can not delete a folder left in the ALL FILES section of NC by the NC App called "External Storages" The folder was created and then deleted in the "External Storages App" leaving the folder active in the ALL FILES section of NC This is what I have found so far, ----- - when a folder created by the External Storages App is NOT successful,,, ie: ( get the red ball instead of the green check ball ) - the External Storages App creates the folder in the "ALL FILES" section of NextCloud. - Deleting the problem folder usi
  5. NextCloud - External Storages App - I am unable to "delete" FOLDERS that I created using the External Storages App . When I delete a FOLDER using the External Storages App, the FOLDER seems to be deleted as it is no longer visible within the App. However, The deleted Folder is still available in the ALL FILES section of Next Cloud, The folder in the All Files section still functions as I can add / remove files and sub-folders. The folder menu associated with the deleted folder does not have a delete function available
  6. THANKS to CHBMB, Squid, & Chrysen With you all pointing me in the right direction, I have it working !!!! All that is left is fine tuning Anne
  7. Thank you, I will go look at your URL. IF I still have problems, should I repost my question in the area you pointed too...? (The "support" button within the docker)
  8. But I did not see any existing topics that addressed anything to do with my problem.... As I said, did I miss a topic under NextCloud that addresses accessing an unraid share via folders in NextCloud ?????
  9. I already looked through the thread for NextCloud and found nothing related to my question.. Did I miss something ??
  10. Yes it should... BUT, I can not ask a question there ... just respond to topics already existing......
  11. I have NextCloud up and running and so far so good. What I need to find out is ... ..... How do I get a folder in NextCloud to show data (files), located in a unraid disk directory, or unraid share, Thanks, Anne I have tried using the add on "external storage" and can not get it to recognize the "path" to the directory that contains my files Still trying.... any help ?? MORE DETAILS.......................................... I have NextCloud installed with the NextCloud data container as a share called
  12. Re-installed from beginning and everything looks good now.
  13. been through all that to the point I am almost ready to delete it all ( nextcloud, letsencrypt, ddns) and start again.