How to Recover Deleted Files [SOLVED]


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How to Recover Deleted Files from an UNRAID server running the XFS file system


I deleted about 1.9TB of data consisting of several directories and their contents and multiple individual files,

I  was told there was no way to "undelete" the data in a XFS file system in unraid.


I found a program called Recovery Explorer 8.4 which recovered all of my data.


REMEMBER... do NOT do ANYTHING that will write to the array after the files are deleted or

you may write over the files you want to recover


Below are the steps I took to recover my data

1.  Stopped doing anything that might write to the array

2. Determined which HD the deleted data had been on

3. Stopped array

4. Power off server

5. Removed the  HD determined in step 2, from the server

6. Connect the server HD to a different computer

7. Install Recovery Explorer software on this computer,  not the server

8. Run the recover software and when the scan is finished the data is recovered.

9. Do a COPY of the recovered directories and files from the software to a hard drive

10. Install the hard drive with the recovered data in the server as an Unassigned Device

11. Reinstall the server array HD

12. Power the server back on

13. Mounted the Unassigned drive

13. Transferred the recovered data from the unassigned drive to the array , in my case back to HD it had been deleted from


WARNING  the scan process is LONG .. The array HD I scanned was a 10TB drive and it took about 22 hours

BUT the program recovered ALL my data

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