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  1. In the unriad settings page you'll see CPU Pinning, there you can limit the amount of cores/threads an app or vm is allowed. (You could limit Machinaris to %80 of the cores for example) It is highly recommended to leave thread 0 free so only unraid can use it. It's important to do this so unraid can perform It's tasks in the background. If you have any vm's you can add there cores to the cpu isolation if you want (optional)
  2. The pool is good but you need to plot the new NFT k29 plots. (they are pretty easy to plot so you can spit out loads with any old pc) I have a 200tb farm and only have room for 100 Chive plots so I was only winning once every 2 months until I joined the pool
  3. Anyone with ShibGreen port issues please check back soon an update has already been pushed (apparently) Thanks Guy! (or btcgreen port issues if you already have shibgreen) You'll probably need to remove the Shibgreen template and reinstall (but the folder should be fine)
  4. Join the discord and get some proper advice from lot's of people including Guy himself. Normally there is someone there to help instantly.
  5. You still have some space on the Cache drive for Machinaris to store the chain though right? If the dust storm effected you there is a guide on how to increase your connection count by my buddy Digital Spaceport on YouTube called "Chia Network Halloween ZOMBIE Connection FIX" (all he does is change a couple of setting in the config.yaml file to allow more connections) I think some of his numbers are a bit high but a small bump is a grate idea. The dust should have settled an hour after the storm. The storm didn't even touch me (with extra connections set) (infect I hit a block when the difficulty dropped and got a bonus from the pool to because the netspace dropped) We are the lucky ones with our unraid rigs and awesome software if configured correctly we are unstoppable.
  6. A reboot or an update to your community apps tab is my guess. This is quite a common glitch in Unraid and it normally resolves itself pretty quickly. If it's running then it doesn't matter and there isn't any updates to get right now anyway. My advice is see if it's still doing it in 2022 (((To update the Apps tab simply open the apps tab and see if you get a big yellow bar at the top of the page asking you to update, if you do then click it)))
  7. It took me a few tries to get chives going after a drive swap last week. The problem looked similar. (see discord) I am not sure witch one of my desperate attempts eventually got it going but I think I deleted the wallet and then it asked to rebuild that in the command line (and I needed to agree before it could do that) (press s to skip and i was done)
  8. Yes mate. Don't worry though you won't be expected to use it unless you want to (or maybe if Guy asks you to if you talk to him directly)
  9. Though I'd like to point a few people (including me) are having gui issues (though it still works in the background) i'm sure Guy will grace us with an update as soon as he can.
  10. Above my pay grade I'm afraid dude but if you head over to discord someone will get you up and running in no time.
  11. Thank you Guy Davis, I sold my fork coins the other day (that I never would have bothered with if it wasn't for Machinaris) and got an additional 32gb ram with the cash and I got a hand me down CPU from my Raptoreum rig upgrade. now 2600x and 64gb @2933 should be enough for the next few months (until 3d v-cache upgrade gives another hand me down) Now I'm ready for all the forks (I just wish XCH would hurry up and pay for more drives, this price is harsh)
  12. be patient it takes a few minutes to get everything talking (or you set the ip's in the btcgreen container setup wrong)
  13. Any plans to add Raptoreum as an option? (at the moment i'm running a VM to do this but it would be sweet to run this in a container)
  14. Having a full wallet that can just be opened with any device on the network isn't a grate idea. I don't want my kids stealing all my crypto. That is all best done with the official wallets (in an offline/cold way is preferable)
  15. If you mean does CLI work then I guess yes but if you mean does the Chia light wallet work for forks no each fork has its own wallet. The new Flax Wallet is a light Wallet but everything else is a full sync. (I wasn't able to just copy the chains mainnet file across and be synced either so it can take a while to cash in you forks) (though I got a $100 so it was definitely worth it for me and next time it won't take as long)