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  1. My marvell controller is acting odd. Dropped out during a rebuild the other day. I have since taken the array off of it and put it on the mobo because I never want that again but I still need ports so I used it for vm drives. Now my vm reboots. Maybe it's dieing or maybe it's connected to this issue some how. I'm using the 6.9rc2 so obviously I'm not saying it's the same issue but I don't see anything online about marvell controllers dieing. I need the vm to have a terminal so I can't even tell what model chipset it is (should be newer than t
  2. Seeing as I've spent most of the day on that I think I'll go double rebuild and save some time. (I've been preclearing for a week already and I don't want a spaghetti monster for to long or my sun might get at it)
  3. I feel like the steps should be, go to settings / vm manager and switch Enable VM's to no, then do same in settings / docker, Then stop the array, Then uncheck the drive, Then start the array, Then stop the array, Then re-add drive, start the array (it starts to rebuild) Then go and re-enable vm's and docker. (The only difference is the additional steps of stopping libvert and docker before) If you don't do that then libvert never starts and you'll end up stopping and restarting the array repeatedly trying to get the vm's to come back (even
  4. Thanks. I didn't spot that. So now I'll rebuild just so I can upgrade parity 1 then rebuild and upgrade parity 2 then rebuild and swap disk 1 (the one I'm currently rebuilding) then rebuild and repeat working my way through the whole array. I guess at least I keep parity now.
  5. Can anybody explain how to re-enable a disk?? Someone above asked but go no answer. ___________________________________ So how do we re-enable a disk once it's been disabled??? I've been searching this for a while after I had a bad cable a couple of months ago. Now I'm in a similar situation again. I've got double parity now and the disk that is disabled is also good (1 year old 0 error). It has just happened (a physical event). I just need a way to un-disable it. It makes no sense. Last time I had to use "new config" and lose parity and re-imp
  6. Man preclear is brutal. I think it's killing one. 47c but still going at 215mbs But it's ticking. I think it's bad. Let's see if it lasts. If this doesn't kill um I'd say they are good but I think that one is going back either way. I've heard that noise before (20 years ago) and it's not good. (As you might have noticed I'm new to preclear so I don't know if I should worry about the click (click if death maybe)) and i didn't bother with my last drives because they were new wd golds and the warranty is 5 years. I'd possibly get no warranty if I shu
  7. Was about to shuck 2x 14tb wd my books. Thought I'd run preclear before I did. One of them started ticking for a few minutes but seems to be running. I'm only on the first pass though. At least I know to be suspicious of it and if it does it again it's going back. It's better to identify a faulty drive early and return it than it die later. (Especially if it's been shucked out of a usb) The ticking has stopped now so I'm not sure but I'll make sure I'm happy before I shuck it. I think preclear adds random head movements
  8. o wait sync command seems to be part of that command. yep that's definitely it it's going so much better now unfortunately i need to run the command each time a file created but i'll settle for hourly and just clear out all the Emby Auto Organise errors later
  9. I might have found the problem for me. I run a script to fix permissions on files downloaded #!/bin/bash /usr/local/sbin/newperms /mnt/cache/Downloads with a custom schedule of * * * * * aka the script runs once a minute. Once i thought about the time stamps it made me think about this script. Not sure how fixing permissions on the cache drive would cause this issue though. still I'll just disable until I'm finished then do a full docker safe permission once it's all done.
  10. Jan 01 22:14:35 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Resumed Jan 01 22:15:13 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Pause (sync command issued) Jan 01 22:15:13 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Paused Jan 01 22:16:03 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Resumed Jan 01 22:17:06 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Pause (sync command issued) Jan 01 22:17:06 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Paused Jan 01 22:18:48 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Resumed Jan 01 22:19:13 preclear_disk_51474B4254555954_93420: Pause (sync command issued) Jan 01
  11. I get a similar issue. Preclear is working but it go's for 5 seconds then pauses for 5 seconds and repeatedly does this. I'm going for 2 full cycles. I'm 42 hours into doing 2x 14tb usb drives at the same time. I'm still erasing in the first cycle. At this rate it'll be a 2 week process. I will wait because I don't want to shuck them until I'm sure they will not fail but dam Maybe it's a usb bottle neck for me but everything else on the system is fine. I thought it might be an Unassigned devices bug????
  12. I know windows definitely "ticks" and buildzoid did a YouTube video showing with an oscilloscope that it even caused boost to come on for ryzen cpu's. The effected vm has just fired up runs sonarr and has just fired up a download so it's busy now so that will effect my results. The vm I tried it on has no hardware apart from a harddrive passed through. The other vm has all the passthrough and I've not touched it yet because it is my terminal. Even with or without using the system if I look via my phone I see the same behaviour though so I don't think that's what is g
  13. Thanks for the quick response. It's not making a difference for me. Windows is reporting mostly idle but in the uraid tab I can see the first vm core sitting at 70-85% I have 2 vm's. I just tried it on the second because I'm using the first one. (Up until I found this thread i just assumed this was a inevitable part of vm life, like an Emulator overhead) Would be lovely to sort this though as it messes with the boost (I've had to disable boost in bios so I could actually get a real performance "boost" out of this) I'll show you what I'm dealin
  14. Is anyone able to explain this. I don't understand where the clock section is. I'm guessing you are saying edit the vm xml with this? Can someone give an example please. Edit/update Oh wait I see. The vm's xml has that string there currently set to no and you just change it to yes. Very simple.
  15. Maybe SuperMicro's customer support could tell you? Just say you need the release notes for bios 3.1 and 3.2 or whatever. It's not an unreasonable request. They also might have some suggestions.