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  1. Where is this option please?
  2. How do i undo this please??????? (For me the Con's out weigh to Pro's at the moment) I followed most of the steps from Spaceinvader One's video (i managed to do the provision thingy) I like the idea but I never leave the house at the moment also i have a few issues with it so I need to undo it. (My Resilio Sync backup is now stuck at 300kb/s and also I found it useful to have the local IP address in the browser tab) I've uninstalled it and rebooted the machine and all my network (routers etc) but still my local IP resolvers to
  3. I'm not the most clued up about the complexity of a file system but wouldn't the copy on write not be an issue if the data was re-written as a single chunk (defraged) and any future writes would have fresh links made or am i not understanding something? And why would accessing a single continues file cause higher disk usage that a bunch of chunks? I'm not using snapshots (i don't even know if that's possible with UNRAID) But i have been known to re-transcode the same file and have multiple disk write operations happen at the same time. Luckily the most demandi
  4. Nice answer! My search engine didn't throw that up, very interesting. Though the place i read said btrfs would be more prone to fragmentation and it had tools available. Worth it is subjective. If fragmentation was bad enough that subjective worth would be different. There are autodefag options so I'm guessing someone has though of the issues. I'm not saying i need to do a defag I'm saying i don't want to never have the option. ((( "move all your data to a empty drive" co
  5. Oh i see lol. Yes it's been quite quick today anyway. I fairly sure my drive speed is based more on the tasks I'm running and network congestion. I'm not saying i have a performance issue. I just assumed that if i tried hard enough i can get fragmentation to happen. I've read that we don't need it on xfs but no one said that we don't for btrfs. If i don't need it then fine but i haven't heard that anywhere.
  6. I found out my unit over heats. (It was very hot then it crashed) i bought a new one and that's the same. I GLUED A 60MM FAN ON THEM AND RUN THE FANS FROM 5V AND THEY A BOTH WORK FINE NOW. (((((Though i'm not using it in a VM any more))))
  7. I appreciate your assistance and your help is normally very well received Lord trurl. I've been using that on and off for a while via the plugin and it's proved useful at times. (It's really helped me to stuff more data in from 3+ sources at the same time) I don't see the connection between it and defrag though. It funny how when ever anyone brings up this topic they get either an unrelated answer or just plan told they are doing it wrong. I look forward to asking the same question next year.
  8. I have seen a command to do this for xfs drives. My array is BTRFS so that's not going to work for me. I have various Containers and VM dumping data whenever they feel like it and i feel that it's unlikely/impossible that no fragmentation has happened. (it's currently writing from mover and resilio-sync on the same drive and this isn't uncommon on this system) I've been reading for years about how we don't need to worry and at the same time i'll defrag my synology that also has btrfs drives. Performances is......... um well i don't know, probably fine but then 5
  9. No luck yet. The same thing happend as when i tried to change the repo to the one i saw somewhere on the forum. (orphine Image) linuxserver/plex:latest Ive lost it again. EDIT OH WAIT TYPO LETS TEST!!!!! EDIT EDIT IT WORKS! 1440 hdr transcoded by a 10w Celeron, Awesome I'm glad become I've just sold my p2000 and my threadripper THANKS GUYS!!!! I wonder if it's the same in Handbrake? (i'll let you'll know in a minute)
  10. I was using GPU Stats plugin for my nvidia build it would be nice to get that back. Awsome
  11. was tempted to try that but thought i'd explore getting a /dev/dri folder first
  12. Intel Top??????????? do i need that???????????????????????????????
  13. in the SysDevs tab my igpu is available and has it's own iommu group and in the description it lists i915 as the driver.
  14. I'm an i915 virgin Just setting up a low power j5040 the bios is configured exactly the same as my other j5040 i use in windows and that fine