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  1. I'm back to the same issue (no Machinaris Ui, I get please add mnemonic then error when i do), I've deleted the container and the appdata and started fresh (no other chains yet) while following the guide. It seems to be downloading the chain though so that's something. Log included (i've not even been able to add my mnemonic yet) webui.log
  2. No it was xfx from the Flax farmer. I've not looked at hdd yet. It's just a mistake in text of the new farmer is my guess.
  3. Just a small thing I noticed. In my alerts the Flax farmer claims to have won 1.75 XCH I nearly spilled my cup of tea!!! I wish it was true LOL (XFX) ========================================================== "SERVER1 flax WALLET Cha-ching! Just received 1.75 XCH ☘️" ==========================================================
  4. Apparently having flax in the list of coins farmed was the issue. Anyone else having issues should remove it then reinstall it. (Some of the old settings carry over but effect things) Was looking forward to this update. 3 coin farming action.... Nice.
  5. Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application. I've been offline since auto update and I can't bring it back exactly what I need at 4am
  6. Is your bios up to date (that can effect vfio groups) (see above post... forgot to tag you in) @okkies
  7. That all looks pretty good. I did see that despite the fact that your running acs "downstream" your board has split the gpu into 2 groups like what you'd see with acs "both". I am forced to run "both" on one of my systems so that can work but if you can get them to become one device on it's own group that's better because some nvidia drivers get upset. Apart from that your looking at os level issues in nicehash os and they really don't give you much in the way of tools for troubleshooting. HiveOS is one of the OS's real miners would use. It's quite easy (especially compared to unraid) but it has a lot more tools than the nicehash os. (It would at least allow you to bash in or just visit the web gui and see what's happening.) Loads of videos on YouTube about it. Another one that exists but wouldn't suit your multi-vm approach is t-rex miner as a docker container. (Witch is good if you don't want to vfio your gpu away from unraid.) I tried nicehash os a couple of months ago and gave up and moved to HiveOS since then I've expanded and have a few rigs and needed a vm on one rig (I've done a few windows gaming vm's before) I tried nicehash os and was let down again and decided I'd virtualize HiveOS. It's been doing really well I still mine to nicehash because it's convenient etc but nicehashOS for me didn't work out. (Similar issues)
  8. Are you on q35 or i440fx? Sounds a lot like the classic i440fx issue of stutter. (just a guess) if not maybe give it a try with or without a monitor attached (is it the only GPU in the system? and is binding in VFIO working?)
  9. Have you considered just using a VM of HiveOS instead? Since you can since you can still mine to NiceHash in HiveOS but you can do your own overclock and it'll probably be about %5 more profitable. That's not a lot of information there bud. Have you attached new devices? More HDD's or NVMe maybe? What slot is the GPU in? Is it on a x1 or x16? How is your iommu set up? (some boards have real problems with passthrough) One of my boards is a massive pain and will only work with PCIe ACS override set to both and as with many boards if you use all slots you can lose some sata ports due to PCIe switching. Do you Bind the devices in the VFIO options AKA UNRAID TOOLS/SYSTEM DEVICES? What do the groups look like?
  10. For GPU mining 1500mb is enough but CPU mining requires the DAG to be held in ram I'd check to see that you are not just wasting money since CPU mining is not very profitable (today my 5900x is making £0 profit, a few days ago it was £0.50p a day) If you're not mining with at least 1 GPU it is pointless. (the NiceHash windows client can be configured to stop mining when profit drops below cost witch is the only way I'd ever consider CPU mining)
  11. ETH is top dog at the moment so all good there. If your on a good pool then the only thing left to do is see how far you can over clock it before you get a little red number next to it or have the vm crash Try and limit the power, boost the ram and drop the core. (YouTube 2060 OC on HiveOS and see if you can find one with the same memory type... even then the settings will be different) tip... Your looking for slow core and fast ram with low power (maybe 950-1080 core 2000-2500 mem and power as low as it'll go (i think 70w) I don't have a 2060 but my 1660ti gets 31mh/s and my 2070 gets 44mh/s, the internet says you should get 33mh/s but you'll need to dial it in and see what your silicon will do. It's not difficult but it takes a while (it might run for a few hours and then crash if you are a little to high) Re CPU... Unless you have a very very current gen CPU don't mine with CPU or you'll spend more on power than you make. (5800x is ok but 1800x will lose you money) (my 5900x makes like £0.50 a day so it hardly worth worrying about compared to the 10 cards in the other room)
  12. Pretty straightforward if you've ever set up a vm with hardware passthrough. (anyone struggling should look into that) Awesome Job Thanks
  13. Mover Tuning Plugin has this feature Also consider setting your "Finished Downloads" folder as a separate share so it can have a cache option of "Yes" and your "Downloading" folder as a separate share with it's cache option set to "Prefer" You might have to fiddle with the template of your download client to add a share folder but it's a good idea to do it this way
  14. I had this issue after a motherboard swap. I use the System Temp plugin. It was still looking for the temp sensor on the old board. I opened the plugin from settings and clicked on detect and then save and it updated it's sensor list.
  15. I know I'm late with a response but I have something to say for anyone else wondering. I see what you're saying but there are problems with you hint hint dev suggestions. (And why it'll never happen) Unraid license is linked to a usb stick. USB Sticks are BANNED once they are removed from a product key. If a license is removed buy a customer then issues are far worse than for a pirate because now they need a usb stick and a license. You can move a license to a usb stick but it's not a clean process because it's a transfer. Pirated versions of many products exist that has always been the case sadly but they all come with risks. It really shouldn't be hard to do a migration though. Copy most of the USB stick minus what ever hack and the license key and buy a key. It should just boot and say please buy a license. I have built multiple servers buy just copying the usb key and then purchasing a new license. You can also copy the cache drive to keep containers and vms. It's quite modular really. I would say that if the customer was able to crack it they would not be paying someone to copy some files to a clean version.
  16. seems fine (i can write a file) in windows but even with in a usb dock on unraid it's read only Makes no sense (it wasn't even the same windows system) I'll just fill them up in windows for now. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come though.
  17. It seems old. Ok thanks. was still pulling it apart and trying to bring it up to date but i guess if it works for you then it's not the issue. Very strange issue though. I'll pull one and try it in a usb dock.
  18. starting to look like I'm just doing it wrong The TLDR is """"Linux had partial support of NTFS file-systems. In fact, unRAID comes with the ntfs loadable module that can read an NTFS file system, unfortunately, it is not able to properly write to NTFS file systems."""" """"(Note to Tom... might want to include the new ntfs-3g module in an upcoming release... hint-hint ... please)"""" It mentions a fix. Thanks for your help @Hoopster
  19. Did you mean physically move the disks back to the windows machine to run chkdisk? UPDATE the CHOWN script i tried reports Read Only in it's log. Makes no sense, 3 drives pulled from a system all working fine (they had just been written to and shut down) now they are in different servers and all report read only. I am hoping i can find the cause before the next round of full drives at some point tomorrow. (even if i need to go back to smb transfer at least i know where i stand) ( i don't fancy an array of %90 full read only drives ) I also have a few BTRFS drives in UD (haven't set up a pool for them yet) and they are fine.
  20. I'm experimenting with a user script to see if it's a permissions thing but so far I'm not getting it to run. #!/bin/bash /usr/local/sbin/newperms /mnt/disks/DiskName i thought that might do it but it doesn't seem to run
  21. no as stated above they are not mounted read only (they are exactly like in that image) Thanks for a quick reply
  22. I've put a few ntfs drives in to my a couple of servers to fill out the remaining bays. The drives are %90 full and i just wanted to put a few last files in (they don't need parity because its just chia plots) The drives cant be written to by dolphin or via smb (they aren't mounted read only) (in windows i get an error "catastrophic failure 0x8000FFFF") If i add a usb drive in the same way it's fine and i can write to it as normal but ntfs sata drives are read only for me. The only solution i can think of is buy more drives then copy out each drive and format it (not worth my time moving 80tb for for 8 files. There must be something I'm not understanding here, Does anyone have any insight?
  23. I've seen a few people asking this question and i thought i'd take a second to explain the reason no one is answering your question. If you look at the forum name you'll see this is an unraid forum and this question shows that you don't know what that is. Unraid is an OS for home lab / servers / repurposed desktops to offer File server / Docker / VM's I believe VM's are driven by KVM but i'm no expert and as mentioned above VirtIO drivers can be used at times You could run ubuntu and Hive OS as separate VM's on Unraid (and still have a file server and docker running in the background) but i don't think you'll find any help getting virtualbox going on this forum.
  24. Seagate.... ^ SMR might not be as bad in an unraid array as it would be in a RAID array (that's my guess anyway) Unraid is a lot more like single drive desktop use in the way it treats drives from that point of view. (Though I wouldn't want SMR either) I'd personally not want any Seagate drive. I've got a few shucked 14tb WD's MyBooks and about 15 WD red, blue, green. Mostly RED. My WD Green 2TB is still going strong and it's over 15 years probably. My dad had 4 Seagate's die in the same year and they couldn't have been more than 3 years old. (I've got an 80gb Hitachi drive that still works to) (it's older than dirt)