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  1. rc5 is supposed to fix the issue. I'll test it later (when the kids are asleep) if i don't comment in 24 hours then assume it's working or at least in testing but not broken enough to come back and update. Update..... still the same. no fix.
  2. Thanks for catching me up. I did see that people are reporting this in Linux forums to so hopefully....... I was wondered if this was the case. Though if nothing else I'd just like the info up here somewhere because once this hits stable there is going to be a few annoyed people wondering what's going on (unless it's been mentioned at least)
  3. My one works in Windows and on the Stable but won't show up with RC3 or higher.
  4. So Realtek RTL8156 and RTL8125 based NIC's both broken by rc4 @limetechUrgent 😃
  5. There are a few of us that have reported 2.5gb network issues with RC4 but as yet no one has acknowledged this. So far it seems tied to the RTL8156, is this your chipset?
  6. Same problem, thread started here (It is just me so far) I really need a long term solution (not just don't update)
  7. After you spent 4.5gb of vram on ETHash that would only leave you with 1.5gb for transcodeing anyway. (And there is the whole needing to unlock the driver block thing) I used to do plex with a p2000 but I sold it off when I realised I could get the decent transcodeing with an intel igpu. Cpu transcodeing isn't the end of the world anyway. (But those intel igpus are very efficient)
  8. the guide t-rex main support forum is about as good as it gets. did you have a specific question (personally i think the docker of t-rex has a horrible ui so i won't use it but i have done) (also i didn't get very good hashrate with it) I've rewritten this 4 times now but i'm not really sure what you want to know, I'd probably try and push you in a different direction but i'm not sure what you have and what your trying to do. I'm happy to guide you though if you need, i am sure we can figure it out.
  10. And to make it worse, moving back to rc2 didn't fix the issue. Though going back to stable has me running for now but I'll be stuck there until a fix is found. :)
  11. Since I upgraded my file server to 6.10 rc3 I've lost compatibility with my 2.5gb Nic. (Chipset: RTL8156 MODEL: 2.5Gb/s USB 3.0 Ethernet Nic adaptor) I upgraded to rc3, rebooted and then spent 30 minutes trying to connect and had to remove the network.cfg file and swap to the onboard lan. This is an ITX system and only has one slot and that is for the HBA so my only hope for decent network speeds is USB. The Nic is not detected by Unraid anymore but works just fine under Windows and has been a very stable in Unraid until now (1 year) it has a metal body and it is cooled by the psu fan so I am quite sure the issue is Unraid especially since it started exactly as I updated. ((((As a side note a different server I have has been crashing since rc2 and I've had to remove the pci-e 2.5gb nic. (not sure on model at the moment) (though this isn't conclusive yet, as it was every few weeks so I need a month long test))))
  12. So do we need to follow a procedure to move to the v2 db? (never mind i found it) Anyone wondering, click on Machinaris in the docker tab and open Console..... In the Console window type...... chia db upgrade Then wait a few hours. Once the window shows as complete (i haven't got that far yet but this is what I'm told) you can delete the v1 db file from mnt/cache/appdata/machinaris/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite that'll save you a few Gb's on your cache drive
  13. Makes sense, I think on the old Windows CLI MadMax you'd leave dir2 blank if not in use, same the the official Ui.
  14. Oh ok. I'll check that out. Though I'm definitely suspicious that 4 of the 8 drives on that rig had bad cables, I was tempted to say cable when i saw the first one but after 4 i wasn't so sure. (I've got 4 onboard and 4 on a sata card) Yes you'd expect a read error or drop out or something fatal I guess with a controller. Either way I'm pointing in that area for my issue. Thanks Dude!!
  15. UDMA CRC error count 2867 on Parity drive 2. UDMA CRC error count 14 on Disk 1 UDMA CRC error count 8 on Disk 3 UDMA CRC error count 8 on Disk 6 That is probably the issue I'm thinking my controller is toast. I had better try and get a replacement. Thanks Bud ! Yes i use BTRFS and it's been solid (until my cheap sata card went wonky) I think i have a good one i can pull from my Chia Server now i think about it
  16. Oh ok, any recommendation on a what I can do? I have no idea how to check anything (and checking 70Tb by hand isn't going to happen) I personally think that the Unraid guys should make this more clear.
  17. If you have 2 parity disks wouldn't it calculate it from parity instead? I thought the whole point of double parity was that you gain the ability to know what disk is at fault? Any thoughts anyone? Is safe to run auto-repair with double parity? (excluding the less likely but still possible 2 bad drives at the same position)
  18. Fun Fact of the day....... Forks.Green Exchange has the terrible customer service and it's staff are rude feckless Russian's that don't give two f's if their response makes sense (If they even bother to send one) They won't help you and at the moment just like to pocket your coins and ignore you.
  19. So the order is ????????????????? .develop = alpha .test = beta .latest = stable I just assumed .test would be the name of the alpha stream. Sorry, I've not run anything bleeding edge in a long time.
  20. Those old AMD's were pretty weak. If you sit at %100 load on a container there is no cpu to run the os and so it'll stall and the whole system will crash. It's not a question of raw power either as I've managed to crash unraid by pegging a 2990wx (with Handbrake loads). Just pin them to every core/thread apart from thread 0 and give your os a little room to make files or you'll definitely corrupt your cache drive or your usb stick. Containers are not apps they are more like Virtual Machines. If you put a car inside your car there is no room for you to get in and drive unless the second car is smaller.
  21. In the unriad settings page you'll see CPU Pinning, there you can limit the amount of cores/threads an app or vm is allowed. (You could limit Machinaris to %80 of the cores for example) It is highly recommended to leave thread 0 free so only unraid can use it. It's important to do this so unraid can perform It's tasks in the background. If you have any vm's you can add there cores to the cpu isolation if you want (optional)
  22. The pool is good but you need to plot the new NFT k29 plots. (they are pretty easy to plot so you can spit out loads with any old pc) I have a 200tb farm and only have room for 100 Chive plots so I was only winning once every 2 months until I joined the pool
  23. Anyone with ShibGreen port issues please check back soon an update has already been pushed (apparently) Thanks Guy! (or btcgreen port issues if you already have shibgreen) You'll probably need to remove the Shibgreen template and reinstall (but the folder should be fine)
  24. Join the discord and get some proper advice from lot's of people including Guy himself. Normally there is someone there to help instantly.