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  1. @limetech Here's what I did: Deleted the two files from /boot/config: rsyslog.cfg rsyslog.conf Rebooted Started the Array Reconfigured the Syslog settings Hit Apply Checked the Syslog and saw that rsyslogd started Verified that there was a file in my share Verified that data was in the file
  2. @Squid I think that worked! Thanks a bunch! Thanks also to @limetech. @Gnomuz we have a way of getting this to work. I am going to close this as solved and retitle as [SOLVED]. There may be more work in order to resolve any issues going from 6.8.3 to 6.9.0 (release). But I will leave that up to these guys.
  3. @Squid I just tried deleting both files from /config and then stopping and restarting the array. This did NOT fix the issue. Same errors: Do I need to delete /etc/rsyslog.conf? Edit: And I also reconfigured the settings for Syslog.
  4. I am not even sure if the mirror to flash works. Settings for Syslog: Then Errors in Syslog:
  5. @limetech I just upgraded to 6.9-RC1. This issue does NOT appear to be fixed. I enabled the syslog server on UDP 514. I then pointed the remote syslog server to the server's IP address and UDP 514. I received the same error in my syslog. I have attached a download of my syslog and diagnostics zip. fenrir-diagnostics-20201210-1643.zipfenrir-syslog-20201210-2140.zip
  6. Thanks for letting us know. I look forward to the fix in the next release. I understand the need for prioritization. Since it is scheduled for release, I don't think we need anymore debate. I will close this ticket after I test it in the next release. Thanks again.
  7. I bumped this to urgent since @Dataone made a good point. It is technically a data loss bug (not an array problem). The logs are lost which makes it very difficult to diagnose server issues. @limetech Not sure if you are the one to notify about this, but this has been happening since at least 6.9.0beta25. I can't really revert to earlier versions right now to test.
  8. Anyone see if this is fixed? It has been broken since 6.9.0-beta25 at least. Not sure if it was working earlier. Thanks.
  9. I just retested this in 6.9.0-beta29. The issue is STILL there. It is not fixed. Posted it here:
  10. The same error happens in 6.9.0-beta29 as in 6.9.0-beta25. Screenshot of my settings: Error: Oct 1 14:20:01 Fenrir ool www[27683]: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/rsyslog_config Oct 1 14:20:03 Fenrir rsyslogd: Could not find template 0 'remote' - action disabled [v8.2002.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/3003 ] Oct 1 14:20:03 Fenrir rsyslogd: error during parsing file /etc/rsyslog.conf, on or before line 116: errors occured in file '/etc/rsyslog.conf' around line 116 [v8.2002.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2207 ] Oct 1 14:20:03 Fenri
  11. Still not working, but I was able to get the errors to go away; still nothing is showing up in my syslogs share: $template remote,"%msg%" # added manually *.* ?remote *.* /mnt/user/syslogs/sys.log;remote # added manually I am sure I am doing something wrong. I initially got the error message to go away with just adding the $template line. This is what seems to have been missing from the configuration generated from the UI. Please note: In order for the new lines to stick in the file, you canNOT use the UI. The UI will overwrite the changes and break the configuration ag