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  1. Hey @ich777 , seems like the Squad game server docker is having some issues, Tried removing the docker and re-adding it now the docker log just shows it stuck in a loop (logging in to steam, checking for updates, loading steam api....). Wish I had more information for you, but I'm not really sure what is going on. Also tried removing steamCMD and letting it re-install but that had no effect.
  2. That did the trick, Mordhau game server is back up and running. You're the best @ich777
  3. Hey @ich777, having issues with the Mordhau game server docker. Have setup and hosted the server in the past no problem. But recently trying to launch it I get these warnings in the log: [2020.12.20-18.59.41:601][865]LogNet: IpNetDriver_3 IpNetDriver_3 IpNetDriver listening on port 15000 [2020.12.20-18.59.41:601][865]LogNetVersion: Checksum from delegate: 502013394 [33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:634][868]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping France: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:634][868]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping Germany: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:655][869]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping UK: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:669][870]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping Poland: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:686][871]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping Russia: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:701][872]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping US_East: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:717][873]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping US_Central: failed (Timeout) [0m[33m[2020.12.20-18.59.41:717][873]LogMordhauGameInstance: Warning: Ping US_West: failed (Timeout) sh: 1: ping: not found sh: 1: ping: not found sh: 1: ping: not found Ports are forwarded correctly and all that. Could a recent update to the game be causing issues?
  4. Hey ich777, have you looked into building a docker for a 'Hell Let Loose' game server? The game is on Steam and it is similar to Squad but set in WWII. Would be a great addition to the multitude of game server dockers you've already created, but not sure if its doable.