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  1. when you click on a unassigned device that has a smart error, the main screen does not expand far enough to show the acknowledge button completely note; what you do see is enough to be able to click on it and confirm
  2. New config : if you mark array but not cache pool , cache pools gets reset too
  3. hi, my VM image has the following designation : /mnt/user/domains/Admin/vdisk1.img when i override the Auto assignment and choose the same file manually, the gui will, upon re entering the profile, always revert to "Auto". up till here all very logical but i need to point this out to make my case; now, click on "update" , this will not work however, when you move to XML view and hit "update", this does work. alternatively, when you stay in default view and just switch to "manual" this will work too. this seems to be a small gui bug from 6.8.3 i did not test this out on any other release. "quick vid " :