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  1. Oh that is so awesome! thank you guys (@Squid thank you X4, this is the fourth time you help me fix an issue!). Squid Is there a similar button for VMs? not that it matters much but if there is id love to know about that too, thank you!
  2. I totally forgot, here it is! I'm running RC2 Also i did allow the parity to continue so whatever was on drive 1) is now canon i guess? (I keep editing trying to erase the extra images and it wont let me, pls ignore the image spam)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having a series of issues with my server that ended up in a horrible event where I thought I had lost all my data, but it looks like it should be ok (you can read below if you are bored). At any rate my dockers and vms are not showing up in unraid but the files are in my cache drive and the shares point to that: --- --- -- -- -- I had to make that vm to make this post (my old VMs are gone), now that I think about it the mover might replace my old libvirt with this when it runs? Any help would be greatly appre
  4. Hello everyone, I had the great idea of testing if I could passthrough my onboard audio device (b550 mobo ryzen 3600 cpu). Spoiler alert, I can't. Now the server crashes every time the array starts (if VMs are on). I know my OS version is supposed to not start the VMs but it hangs as soon as they are enabled. I read that the files I want are mounted in /etc/libvirt/qemu but I guess that happens if you enable VMs because I don't see that path using komander. I don't have a backup if not I would just go back, at this moment I just want to erase the xm
  5. --------------------------------------- Update --------------------------------------------- The array is healthy and back to normal thank you for your help! cleared the errors rewired the pc (even picked other SATA ports just in case) rebuilt the array Everything is back to normal and at healthy temperatures. Next step is to test the old drives that where connected to that port as they also failed and I never thought it could be a port/cable issue. I always assumed it was the drives going bad. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you guys for the information! I will go ahead and change that sata cable (I had another drive there before that also gave me errors I will test said drive in case it was a cable issue causing those errors too, as they are from like 7 years ago). I will back as soon as the drive is back online to update you guys and the post.
  7. Thank you! by the way, is there any place where I can find out what went wrong. I'm still confused by the whole bit. Can I still trust the drive?
  8. Hello everyone, I recently decided to bump my parity drive from 10 to 12tb. This time around I decided to preclear the drive to be safe. The whole process took 4 days and concluded successfully. I then stopped the array > unassigned 10tb > assigned 12tb > started the array. A day and a few hours later the process is complete so I go ahead and use the old 10tb parity to replace a 4tb drive in the array. Same dance as before the process completes everything is ok. A few hours later I come back to my windows VM and its frozen, I look at unraid and the parity is offline and
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to try my luck again. Is anyone having an issue with slow speeds with airvpn in the delugeVPN container? I'm not even sure how to start testing for the slow speeds.
  10. Watch this video: He uses PIA so its a step by step setup for your needs. As the past messages said there a few servers showing issues with port forwarding. So use the servers they are recommending.
  11. So I tried to setup my windows thin client but I couldn't get it to work with both of the IPs shown by unraid in the docker list window. I really wanted to click that check button. Any way, I figured out that I could access the terminal for a container and I looked up how to list all the udp ports that were listening and it does show 60694.
  12. your ui looks different than mine but I matched your setting (we had different settings). Mine: I'm changing my settings to: I have no way to test the port inside of delugeVPN Results:
  13. Just for fun I tried that file that you asked me to make in QBtorrent and I got the same slow speeds 😮 I will go look for itconfig like you said thanks. Also any chance you could share your delugeVPN container settings (blurring out sensible stuff) I want to compare a working one with mine, maybe I screwed something up at that level? at any rate thank you for your help and time!
  14. Roger! go to and create a fresh - Netherlands 443 udp start delugeVPN with new config file change setting from -1 Maxium upload speed to 350kbs well bellow my max confirm port 60694 is being used and that it passes TCP check in Results: Same slow speeds
  15. Hello there, Let me start by saying thanks for the awesome containers. I'm currently using DelugeVPN but the following is also true for QBtorrentVPN as I tested with both. Issue 1: AirVPN had slow speeds and no uploads, I fixed this with port forwarding. Container can upload now at around my max upload speed! Issue 2: My downloads dont go past 1.2 mbs per second, usually they hover at 500kbs down 500kbs up. Trouble shooting done so far: Try 25 different severs in the 4 continents available in AirVPN - same speeds Try all those servers again but kn