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  1. Merci pour l'explication, effectivement en faisant le zip depuis mon repos github ça fonctionne car il me renvoie tous les fichiers avec le bon retour charriot (LF). Je vais pouvoir enfin tout vérifier et m'assurer de la cohérence de l'ensemble des termes utilisés dans la traduction française
  2. oki merci bon bin j'arrive pas à le tester, je fais un avec mon dossier lang-fr_FR, je l'uploade via l'outil Webgui en tant que français. Mais dès que je passe le language à français mon interface est toute foirée et je n'ai qu'un affichage du texte dans DASHBOARD et plus rien ailleurs et toutes les autres pages qui plantent. j'ai rattrapé le coup avec le ssh en modifiant la langue dans les fichiers de config pour retourner en anglais mais le français ne fonctionne pas (en tout cas celui que j'ai fait)
  3. I will change my github nickname to reflect my name, but before i must finish the whole translation and then make a .zip and test it on my system before, i must install 6.9.2 to test it or i can read all theses messages by using v6.9.1 ?
  4. J'ai eu le même souci et chez moi le problème était causé par Dynamix System Autofan qui déclenchait une activité disque à chaque interrogation des vitesses de ventilateurs, comme je n'ai pas voulu le désactiver complètement j'ai passé le "Refresh interval (minutes):" à 60 (chez moi la mise en veille se fait après environ 40 minutes d'inactivité), et depuis ça fonctionne correctement.
  5. Good night, i've made 3 others untranslated files : /CA Auto Update/autoupdateapps.txt /CA Config File Edit/configedit.txt /Disable Security Mitigations/disablesecurity.txt I go to sleep, it's 11:32PM here
  6. Thank you, i've done all the untranslated french in the presents files, made the correction needed in settings.txt (display settings was wrongly translated), commited all the changes in my fork and pushed it to the master, i'm not very familiar with git-hub, i hope it was the good way to proceed
  7. Hello, there's also some bad french translation in existing content, how can i inform you about that ?
  8. After some tests i've found a better and fastest option for resume plex docker with hardware media transcoding enabled after S3 sleep (for nvidia users) : - first in Custom commands before sleep : #!/bin/bash docker stop Plex-Media-Server - then in Custom commands after wake-up : #!/bin/bash docker start Plex-Media-Server now plex server is immediately effective after resume and when you go into S3 Sleep your plex server is stopped correctly !
  9. I bought mine used and it was in a dell or lenovo workstation (don't remember) but it's look exactly at the one from your link (it's simple all P2200 look the same).
  10. i'm using an budget ITX setup with an aASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/ac Version mobo (downgraded to bios P1.70 to avoid iommu conflicts, this bios version is a bit tricky because entering directly in the uefi setup is plagued with mouse stuck, you must press F10 then select Enter setup to access the bios). An AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (TDP Lowered to 45W in the Bios to reduce power consumption by losing only 3 to 10% in performances). 32 GiB of ram and a NVIDIA Quadro P2200 (Same price than P2200 but slightly more powerfull). And a reduced pool of 3 SSDs one for cache, two oth
  11. I had the same issue, thanks for the advice, i've just shorten the script a bit, i'm using official plex docker image, my Custom commands after wake-up are theses : #!/bin/bash docker stop Plex-Media-Server sleep 3s docker start Plex-Media-Server And it works very well with my Nvidia Quadro P2200 on Unraid 6.9.0-rc2
  12. Thanks you all, i finally tried to upgrade again my Plex Media Server to version, and now everything is working well ! The problem was my former Plex version (from plexinc) was installed BEFORE with Unraid-Nvidia, and i kept this untouched then upgraded to Unraid 6.9.0-beta35 with Nvidia-drivers... I think something in Plex didn't liked switching driver or Unraid version... Uninstalling and reinstalling Plex docker solved the problem !
  13. Thanks all for all these answers, it was before the availability of Unraid 6.9.0.beta-35, i was using the Plugin " - Unraid Nvidia" and Nvidia-Unraid 6.9.0.beta-29, but unfortunately, this plugin doesn't exist anymore... I hope will be more choices of the Nvidia-drivers versions in the future in the plugin, so we will revert easily to specific versions (eg. for Plex).
  14. I ha I had exactly the same problem (same behaviour : microskip and skipping few secondes every 1 minute) with Nvidia-Unraid 6.8.3 and older nvidia drivers while using latests versions of plex... Upgrading to Nvidia-Unraid 6.9.0.beta-29 with newer nvidia drivers solved the problem... It seems tha Plex is very picky concerning Nvidia drivers...
  15. I have a weird issue with Unraid 6.9.0-beta35, these drivers (455.38)) and Plex (plexinc/pms-docker:, the hardware transcoding/decoding do work, nvidiaa-smi send correct informations BUT when you're watchig the stream there are some very annoying glitches who completely ruin the exeperience : - stream is skipping few seconds every one or two minutes. - sometimes micro-pauses occurs With nvidia-Unraid 6.9.0-beta30 these problems wasn't here... (but nvidia-unraid is gone...). Somebody know how to get back to 6.9.0-beta30 and