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  1. ***I think this is my Chrome that is broken so this can be ignored.*** I have an error with VNC Remote. SyntaxError: The requested module '../core/util/browser.js' does not provide an export named 'hasScrollbarGutter' Anyone else had this? I am using Chrome and I haven't tried rebooting yet. Edit: I can VNC into the machines with Remmina or similar.
  2. I am a bit new to docker, but would it be possible to upgrade to php7.4 somehow?
  3. I figured this out. If anyone else would like to know you: Set Repository: neo4j:enterprise (so add the :enterprise) Then put an additional environment variation in Extra Parameters - you need to be in advanced view. Extra Parameters: --env=NEO4J_ACCEPT_LICENSE_AGREEMENT=yes Then it should update to the enterprise version and you are away!
  4. Is there an option to install the enterprise version instead of community?
  5. Thanks for these, I have also been thinking about adding more drive bays to this case. I think I might put something in the 51/4 bays to take a bunch of 3.5in drives. I have actually two of these cases the R1 and R2. I always found it odd that the R2 had less HDD bays but I guess that is the direction of travel with most systems.
  6. Ah, ok. Yes that would work. I assume that when setting up a VM or a docker etc you can pick the cache pool? That would work really well.
  7. Hi all, I am new to UNRAID and have a question about storage for databases like Neo4J, mariadb, etc. Currently they store their files in the cache, which is fine for now but could be a problem when if/when I store more data. Would there be any performance implications for using the array for databases? Particularly with how the array functions? Would it better to do something else perhaps? Maybe using unassigned disks in a mirror for a bit of redundancy? What do other people do? Thanks, Phil
  8. I believe I have sorted this out myself. I did not correctly 'move' data out of the cache before switching it off. I have now done that and the status is all files encrypted.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a share that originally used the cache so it moved to saying that some files where not encrypted, I have since stopped it using the cache but it still has the status of some files not encrypted. Is there something additionally that I need to do to ensure that all files are encrypted. I ran a move operation. Thanks, Philip
  10. Just to update this, there is an option to put --inplace in the rsync command used by backintime, I am testing to see how it works.
  11. I am not 100% sure I can modify the rsync commands as they are built into BackInTime but I will have a go and see if this is possible. It might be a configurable flag somewhere. Otherwise doing the manual edit isn't a massive trauma as I don't reboot the server much anyway.
  12. Related question, what would putting the entire share config in smb-extra.conf instead do?
  13. I have worked out that if I remove vfs objects fruit and streams_xattr it then works. But I need that for other shares. Can I make custom changs to this share somehow?
  14. Hi. I would like to allow ._* files on one share as when rsyncing to it for dackups files starting with an undrescore do not get copied as the temporary file that rsync tries to make gets blocked, and there are some libraries I use that have files with _ as their first character. What is the best way to allow this in unraid? I have another server that doesn't block these but I have been testing unraid for my backup server. Thanks.