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  1. I also get a very good download speed with the port closed, but i am wondering if the upload speed could be better for seeding if the port is open. I use NordVPN but i just googled it, they do not currently offer port forwarding, so i guess it's not possible. Thanks for thinking with me on this, and your help! Regards, Newbyleader
  2. So stupid of me.. Thanks for responding! It worked, the port is now changed on rutorrent but it still shows port closed. I think this has to do because rtorrent is running behind a VPN? is there a fix for this or is it too complicated? Regards,
  3. Hey guys, i've been searching this post for pages and pages but i just can't seem to figure out how to set the port range for Rtorrent. I know that changing the port on the webui won't permanently change the port since it only changes the port for that instance. Everytime i change the port in the webui and restart rutorrent the port reverts back. So i went into the rtorrent.rc file and tried setting the port as follows: #network.port_range.set = 49152-65535 #port_range = 49152-65535 i also tried with a space: # network.port_range.set = 49152-65535 # port_range = 49152-65535 However this didn't work neither... So i tried setting port in the docker settings itself with the same variables: NETWORK.PORT_RANGE.SET = 49152-65535 PORT_RANGE = 49152-65535 still no success. What am i doing wrong guys? can anyone help? I have DHT disabled since my private trackers require me to do so. I'm also using OPENVPN, not Airvpn. Thanks in advance ❤️