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  1. Man, I'm sorry for not checking the FAQ beforehand. I usually do. Didn't even think about simply downgrading the whole container. Thank you, as always, for being patient with us.
  2. @binhex Is there any easy way to downgrade qBittorrent to < v4.2.5 inside the container without breaking things? Versions >= v4.2.5 permabroke importing stuff in sonarr/radarr due to QBt changing things. E.g. this sonarr PR will fix it:
  3. Awesome, thanks for that. Works as expected, both multiline and port forwarding on nextgen.
  4. Since around the time of the last update, qBitTorrent is stuck at 'Downloading metadata' after the internect connection reestablishes every 2 hours, only a container restart fixes this. Strangely enough, other containers, which use the containers network stack, actually can establish connections. Nothing conclusive in the log afaict, but here it is anyways: log.txt
  5. Just a quick update, running perfectly fine now. Automatic reconnect and handling of iptables/spinning up of the different program instances works as expected. Cheers!
  6. Wilco! Regarding port forwarding on their NextGen servers, it seems to indeed be possible, it's just a new procedure. Should be fairly easy to implement, I'll try it myself once I got a bit of time on my hands:
  7. Just pulled it, will test for a few days and report back! Thanks for your excellent support mate.
  8. No idea, unfortunately. Though I'll probably switch to a different container, since the binhex containers still tend to hang a lot and don't reconnect automatically, they often get stuck at steps like "marking for reconfigure", requiring daily restarts and horrible availability, even if the VPN servers themselves are stable enough.
  9. As we all know, PIA is currently moving their infrastructure, which results in pretty terribly reliability and constant connection issues when using their CurrentGen Network. Today, however, I discovered that they offer OpenVPN confs for their NextGen servers: AFAICT they work reliable. Only way to use them currently is to set the STRICT_PORT_FORWARD ENV variable to "no", since their NextGen network doesn't seem to support port forwarding yet.